Glynnis Talken Campbell

Biography: Voice-over actress and novelist Glyniss Talken Campbell began her career as a film composer and a singer in the rock band, 'The Pinups' after studying music at California State University.
From there she has voiced several of the 'Star Wars' adventures on tape, the 'Jump Start' interactive educational CD-ROM software series, and is the voice of "The Rogue" in Blizzard Entertainment's best-seller 'Diablo'.

She has also voiced the parts of Sarah Kerrigan in Blizzard's 'Starcraft' and 'Broodwars' as well as landing the lead character role of Julie Winters for MTV's 'The Maxx'.
As a novelist, she has written the romance novels, 'My Hero', 'My Champion'
My Warrior, 'Knights Vow'. Often she writes under the name Sarah McKerrigan - a tribute to her voice over career.
Married to professional musician Rich Campbell, Glynnis has two children and grew up in California.