Harold Shumate

Biography: Active from 1924, American screenwriter Harold Shumate penned such jazz-age efforts as Bare Knees (1928), The Chorus Kid (1928), and The Careless Age (1929). Shumate also served as producer of River Woman (1928), a better-than-average Poverty Row melodrama from Gotham Studios. From 1932 to 1939, he was a principal writer of Columbia's B-picture output. His later credits included Columbia's Man With Nine Lives, Republic's Man of Conquest, and Universal's Charlie McCarthy, Detective, all produced between 1939 and 1940. Associated with RKO Radio at the close of his career, Harold Shumate retired after working on the script of RKO's The Half-Breed (1951).

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tbd Bonanza: Season 1 Sep 12, 1959 Writer 8.0
tbd Lassie: Season 6 Sep 6, 1959 Writer tbd