Heather Perry

Biography: Heather Dee Perry was born to James and Debra Perry of Stafford County Virginia one cold and blustery February day. She graduated from Stafford Senior High School in 1992. She then went on to dance on the Norway Cruise ship. Next was the Crown Oddysey Cruise Ship. Then it was Will Rogers Follies in Branson, Missouri. She then joined up with the fabulous Rockettes of Las Vegas. However, Vegas couldn't hold the lovely Heather. She was accepted as a Rockette in the great city of New York. Still, Heather dreamed of bigger things and in 1997, she caught the eye of the Parrotheads and has been touring with Jimmy Buffet ever since. Heather can still be seen with the Rockettes during Parrothead off season. Heather's impressive resume includes: Mars Attacks(film)- showgirl, Vegas Vacation (film)- hotel party, Temptation Island (tv)- temptress (homina, homina).

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tbd Temptation Island: Season 3 Aug 28, 2003 Herself (Season 1; 2001) [Single] tbd
tbd Temptation Island: Season 2 Nov 7, 2001 Herself (Season 1; 2001) [Single] tbd
tbd Temptation Island: Season 1 Jan 17, 2001 Herself (Season 1; 2001) [Single] tbd