Ivor Francis

Biography: Ivor Francis began his entertainment career as a teen appearing on the radio in his native Toronto, Canada. During WW II he served in the RAF and afterward emigrated to New York where he landed a job on a daily serial Me Perkins. This led him to appear in several Broadway shows and from there to feature films such as I Love My Wife. During the '70s he frequently worked as an actor in Disney films, including World's Greatest Athlete. Francis also appeared frequently on television series and in made-for-TV- movies; he was a regular on Room 222. Later in his career he began teaching stagecraft in Los Angeles and New York. His daughter Genie Francis has played "Laura" on the television soap General Hospital for many years.

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tbd Barney Miller: Season 8 Oct 29, 1981 Mercurio / Schlemmer tbd
tbd The Jeffersons: Season 8 Oct 4, 1981 Whittendale tbd
tbd The Waltons: Season 8 Sep 20, 1979 Dean Beck tbd
tbd The Waltons: Season 7 Sep 21, 1978 Prof. Hoadley tbd
tbd Barney Miller: Season 5 Sep 14, 1978 McDowell tbd
tbd Little House on the Prairie: Season 4 Sep 19, 1977 Varnum tbd
tbd Barney Miller: Season 3 Sep 23, 1976 Unger tbd
tbd The Waltons: Season 4 Sep 11, 1975 Prof. Hoadley tbd
tbd Starsky & Hutch: Season 1 Sep 10, 1975 Actor tbd
tbd Happy Days: Season 2 Sep 10, 1974 Psychiatrist tbd
tbd Maude: Season 1 Sep 12, 1972 Ferguson tbd
tbd Bonanza: Season 13 Sep 19, 1971 Charlie tbd
tbd The Odd Couple: Season 2 Sep 17, 1971 Bengstrom tbd
tbd The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Season 1 Sep 19, 1970 Father Flint tbd
tbd Ironside: Season 4 Sep 17, 1970 Claude tbd
tbd I Dream of Jeannie: Season 5 Sep 16, 1969 Ormandy tbd
tbd Bonanza: Season 11 Sep 14, 1969 Banker tbd
tbd Bonanza: Season 7 Sep 12, 1965 Morgan tbd