Jackie Swanson

Biography: An actress best known for her multi-season role as Kelly Gaines-Boyd, the spacey girlfriend and eventual wife of dim-witted bartender Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson), fair-haired actress Jackie Swanson jump-started her career in her early twenties with a series of small roles in features including Wayne Wang's Slam Dance and Richard Donner's Lethal Weapon (1987). Swanson signed for the Cheers role in 1989 (the program's seventh season) and remained with the series until it folded in May 1993, as did co-star Harrelson; during that time, she was seen on an occasional basis. After Cheers wrapped, Swanson appeared in additional projects from time to time, such as the sci-fi-Western hybrid Oblivion (1994) and its sequel, Backlash: Oblivion 2 (1996). She also made guest appearances on the dramas NYPD Blue and Cold Case through the mid-2000s.

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Cold Case: Season 2 Oct 3, 2004 Sarah 7.8
tbd NYPD Blue: Season 8 Jan 9, 2001 Trish Howlett tbd
tbd Cheers: Season 11 Sep 24, 1992 Kelly Boyd / Kelly Boyd / Kelly / Kelly Boyd tbd
tbd The Golden Girls: Season 7 Sep 21, 1991 Jackie Swanson / Tracy / Guest 10
tbd Cheers: Season 10 Sep 19, 1991 Kelly Gaines / Kelly Boyd / Kelly / Kelly Gaines tbd
tbd Cheers: Season 9 Sep 20, 1990 Kelly Gaines / Kelly Boyd / Jackie / Kelly Gaines tbd
tbd Cheers: Season 8 Sep 21, 1989 Kelly Gaines / Kelly Boyd / Kelly / Kelly Gaines tbd
tbd Cheers: Season 7 Oct 27, 1988 Kelly Gaines / Kelly Boyd / Kelly Gaines / Kelly Gaines tbd
tbd Perry Mason: Season 9 Sep 12, 1965 1st Deputy / Officer #1 tbd
tbd Perry Mason: Season 8 Sep 24, 1964 1st Cameraman tbd