Jee Choe

Biography: Jee is 23 years old from Elmhurst, NY, where he is a bookkeeper. Although Jee is single now, he once dated Jun Song, another competitor on BIG BROTHER 4.

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- Jee's motto is to live by respect and honor.
- Jee describes himself as friendly, loyal, trustworthy.
- Jee's personal hero is his father.
- Jee applied for BIG BROTHER for the money and chance to meet interesting people.
- His strengths are his charm and ability to gain people's trust.
- His weaknesses are that he tends to trust people who are kind.
- The comfort item from home that Jee misses most are his bed and video games.
- The news Jee misses most from the outside world is sports news.
- Physical competitions are Jee's best.
- Jee plans to win BIG BROTHER by gaining everyone's trust and turning it around to bite them in the butt.
- His biggest fear about BIG BROTHER are no privacy in the bathroom and shower.

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tbd Big Brother: Season 4 Jul 8, 2003 bb4 Days 1-61 (8th Evicted) 2.9