Jesse Goldstein

Biography: After receiving his degree from Columbia University, Jesse Goldstein taught English at Tilden High School in Brooklyn, New York. In 1946 he started writing for Eddie Cantor. Later he became one of the creators and writers of I Married Joan (1952). He also wrote for the The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show andThe Red Skelton Hour. He died in California of cancer at the age of 43. Up to his death he continuing working with Sherwood Schwartz and Dave O'Brien on The Red Skelton Hour. Schwartz tells the story that Jesse became so frail in his last six months that O'Brien would drive him to work at CBS each day where the three men would talk through the script as a secretary typed, then Jesse would collapse on a couch in exhaustion and, at the end of the day, O'Brien would drive him back home.