Kira Vincent-Davis

Biography: Kira is a voice actor with ADV films. Her best known role would be giving high school girl Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga from Azumanga Daioh a Southern charm. Other big roles include the main character Lucy/Nyu in Elfin Lied, Nagahito Kagura in Steel Angel Kurumi, and Quon Kisaragi in RahXephon. Kira has participated in anime conventions in Atlanta and Nashville.

Kira Vincent-Davis' Scores

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Air Gear: Season 1 Apr 4, 2006 Emily Adachi [Eng] 8.5
tbd Best Student Council: Season 1 Apr 6, 2005 Star tbd
tbd Air: Season 1 Jan 6, 2005 Minagi Tohno (Eng) tbd
tbd Nanaka 6/17: Season 1 Jan 8, 2003 Yuriko Amemiya (Eng.) tbd
tbd RahXephon: Season 1 Jan 1, 2003 Quon Kisaragi (US) tbd
tbd Steel Angel Kurumi: Encore: Season 1 Jan 7, 2000 Nakahito Kagura tbd
tbd Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: Season 1 Oct 8, 1998 Additional Voices tbd
tbd Macross: Season 1 Oct 3, 1982 Kim Kabirov tbd