Leon Ames

Biography: Actor Leon Ames, born Leon Waycoff, began his stage career in 1925, then broke into films in the early '30s; he was billed under his real name until 1935. He went on to be a busy and reliable character actor, often playing dapper or paternal types. Altogether, he appeared in over 100 films; he also did much TV work on such series as Life with Father, Frontier Judge, Father of the Bride, and Mr. Ed. In 1933 he co-founded the Screen Actors Guild. He was married to actress Christine Gossett; and was the father of actors Lee and Shelley Ames.

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Emergency!: Season 6 Sep 25, 1976 Sudhoff tbd
tbd The Jeffersons: Season 2 Sep 13, 1975 Grandpa Willis tbd
tbd Bewitched: Season 6 Sep 18, 1969 Leon Ames / McMann tbd
tbd My Three Sons: Season 9 Sep 28, 1968 Dr. Osborne / Osborne tbd
tbd The Beverly Hillbillies: Season 5 Sep 14, 1966 Actor / Colonel tbd
tbd The Andy Griffith Show: Season 7 Sep 12, 1966 Principal Hampton tbd
tbd Mister Ed: Season 6 Sep 12, 1965 Gordon Kirkwood (1963-1966) tbd
tbd Mister Ed: Season 5 Oct 4, 1964 Gordon Kirkwood (1963-1966) / Gordon Kirkwood tbd
tbd The Lucy Show: Season 2 Sep 30, 1963 Col. Anderson tbd
tbd Mister Ed: Season 4 Sep 29, 1963 Gordon Kirkwood (1963-1966) / Gordon Kirkwood tbd
tbd Father of the Bride: Season 1 Sep 29, 1961 Stanley Banks tbd
tbd Mister Ed: Season 1 Jan 5, 1961 Gordon Kirkwood (1963-1966) / Gordon Kirkwood tbd