Marty Grabstein

Biography: Marty Grabstein is an American actor. In addition to acting in roles in several theatre productions he co-wrote and co-starred with Rick Mowatt for their sketch comedy act, Lab Rats. Although he may be a little-known actor, he is best known for his role as Courage in "Courage the Cowardly Dog". Marty got the role after a friend of his from Stretch Films mentioned him to John Dilworth (who also created the show). After more than 200 auditions, Marty got the part of the pantifobic pup. Marty got used to doing the dog by pitching his voice for Courage. Even his wife, Nancy (who isn't an actor) once had a part on the show in the "Little Muriel" episode where she played the stewardess that jumped out of the plane. Marty enjoyed doing Courage, but the toughest part for him, is when Cartoon Network wanted Courage's dialogue cut short during the second season. Marty was the voice of The Cappity Cap, but he was also the voice of the Ice Cream Man in the "High Fasion Yak" episode in Yakkity Yak.

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55 Cartoon Network Racing (DS) Dec 4, 2006 Voice: Courage / Voice: Courage tbd