Marty Simpson

Biography: Keen surfer and snowboarder Marty is possibly the most laid-back contestant in this year's competition, and brings his equally laid-back brand of acoustic surfer rock to the competition. Introduced to the guitar by his brother, Marty admits he was "pretty ordinary" when he first started, but has improved greatly since then. The Australian Idol judges obviously agreed, immediately and unanimously sending him through to the Idol top 100 at his audition. "Marty Simpson, welcome to Australian Idol!" cheered judge Kyle Sandilands.

Despite following some stiff competition, he was named one of the Top 12. "It's a wild ride but it's unreal, so I'm gonna enjoy it for a minute," he said as he heard the news.

Marty lists his favourite movies as The Shawshank Redemption and Scarface, love eating seafood and says his favourite bands are The Dave Matthews Band and The Police — even sporting a tattoo inspired by The Police's Synchronicity album on his arm.