Matt Johnston

Biography: Matt Johnston is a writer, comic, actor, director, producer and editor. A true jack of all trades, Matt has done it all - from coiling cable and serving sandwiches on set to producing television pilots single handedly.
After working in the independent film scenes of Austin, San Diego and Los Angeles, Johnston finally hit the national stage in 2005 as host of the home security makeover show, It Takes a Thief.
After shooting 2 seasons of It Takes a Thief, Matt went on to star in the indie western, Cowboy Smoke. As of 2009, he is shooting and editing a number of documentaries for his own company and others.

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tbd It Takes a Thief (2005): Season 2 Oct 16, 2006 Host/Security Advisor tbd
tbd It Takes a Thief (2005): Season 1 Feb 2, 2005 Host/Security Advisor tbd