Megan Alatini

Biography: Megan Alatini was born in George in South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand in 1987 with her mother Barbara Cassie her brother Miquelle Cassie and two siters Meryl and Monique Cassie. Megan is married to New Zealand rugby player Pita Alatini and together they have a 6 year old daughter called Tonica. Megan used to be in the kiwi girlband Truebliss. Megan is also an aunt as her sister Monique has a son called Quelan.
Megan has had some acting experiences and is known for her role of Java on The Tribe. What's cool is that on the show Java has two sisters Siva and Ebony and guess what! Megan's real sister Meryl plays Ebony and her real sister Monique plays Siva!
Megan, Meryl and Monique also sing the song 'Tribe Spirit' at the end of The Tribe, they give an African feel to the song. Megan is a very talented actress and singer!

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