Norman Burton

Biography: A general purpose performer with slightly more distinction to his face and voice than most of his ilk, American actor Norman Burton quietly entered films in the 1960s. Many of his early films were more artistic than profitable, as witness the experimental Wild Seed (1965). Burton was spotted in brief character parts in a few box-office hits, notably Planet of the Apes (1968) (he was the simian Hunt Leader) and The Towering Inferno (1974) (as Will Giddings). In the James Bond actioner Diamonds are Forever (1970), Burton succeeded Jack Lord, Rik Van Nutter et. al. in the role of Bond's American CIA contact Felix Leiter. On TV's New Adventures of Wonder Woman series of the late 1970s, Burton had the recurring role of Joe Atkinson, the boss of anti-subversive operative Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman). Still answering casting calls into the 1990s, Norman Burton was one of many film veterans appearing in the zany 1994 biopic Ed Wood.

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Highway to Heaven: Season 4 Sep 16, 1987 Captain Friend tbd
tbd Murder, She Wrote: Season 2 Sep 29, 1985 Drew Narramore tbd
tbd The Facts of Life: Season 3 Oct 28, 1981 Dr. Green tbd
tbd The Facts of Life: Season 3 Oct 28, 1981 Dr. Green tbd
tbd Wonder Woman: Season 2 Sep 16, 1977 Joe Atkinson / Joe Atkinson / Normann Burton tbd
tbd The Rockford Files (1974): Season 3 Sep 24, 1976 Markel tbd
tbd Baretta: Season 2 Sep 10, 1975 Councilman Claymore tbd
tbd The Rockford Files (1974): Season 1 Mar 27, 1974 Melvyn tbd
tbd I Dream of Jeannie: Season 2 Sep 12, 1966 Actor tbd
tbd Gunsmoke: Season 11 Sep 18, 1965 Ed tbd
tbd Bewitched: Season 1 Sep 17, 1964 Moving Man / Norman Burton 9.0
tbd The Untouchables: Season 4 Sep 25, 1962 Solly tbd
tbd The Untouchables: Season 2 Oct 13, 1960 Wally Dagan tbd