Peter Brash

Biography: Peter is an American soap opera writer. His first daytime job came in 1985, when he joined the crew of "Another World" as a script writer, only to become an Associate Head Writer during the same year, a position that he kept until 1987. During 1989-1990, Peter served as the Associate Head Writer for "Guiding Light." In 1993, he returned to writing scripts for "Another World" until 1995, when he was, once again, promoted to an Associate Head Writer position in 1996 and kept writing until 1998. He joined the crew of "Days of our Lives" as the Associate Head Writer from 1999-2007, with a brief stint as the Co-Head Writer during 2002-2003. After leaving the crew of the show in March of 2007, Peter joined the crew of "As the World Turns" and is currently still writing for the show.

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tbd As The World Turns: Season 52 Apr 2, 2007 Writer tbd
tbd Days of our Lives: Season 37 Nov 8, 2001 Writer tbd
tbd Days of our Lives: Season 34 Nov 9, 1998 Writer tbd