Richard Machowicz

Biography: Richard was a Navy Seal for over 10 years. In that time he spent several years with Navy Seal One and the rest with Navy Seal Two. He participated in numerous missions with each group.

He was a sniper for the Navy Seals. When he left, he was a qualified instructor for the Special Forces Sniper Teams. He has also done dignitary guarding. He is qualified in, and participated in, guarding of important government personnel as well as business people.

He founded Bukido Institute to teach people how to defend themselves from armed attackers. He has taught numerous classes on how to defend yourselves from attackers.

He has written two books. One that is available in four different languages.

He is now the host of the Discovery Channel show Future Weapons.

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tbd Future Weapons: Season 3 Nov 15, 2007 Host tbd
tbd Future Weapons: Season 2 Jan 15, 2007 Host tbd
tbd Future Weapons: Season 1 Apr 19, 2006 Host tbd