Rob Mungle

Biography: Mungle has been around for all ten years that ADV has been dubbing anime, but his most famous role has been Pedro, the long-suffering construction worker in Excel Saga. "I had no idea what that was," Mungle said about learning he had the role. "The director asked me, `Can you do a mexican accent for a guy who has sex with a giant universe?'" Mungle admitted his accent wasn't quite Mexican, but he got it right - so much that fans have loved his cries of "No!" That sound was developed in a late-night recording session. "I was told we've got the studio, can you come in? Then they said `We need a long no, can you do it?" After several takes, Mungle was told his "No" wasn't good enough. "Fifteen takes later, after my throat was gone, I did it again - and that was the one that got in the show."

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Highest Metascore: 45 Unlimited Saga
Lowest Metascore: 45 Unlimited Saga
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45 Unlimited Saga (PS2) Jun 17, 2003 Cast - Basil Galeos / Cast - Basil Galeos / Cast - Edel / Cast - Edel 3.3