Season Hubley

Biography: Actress Season Hubley came to films in 1973, after a few seasons in the role of nurse Candy Lowe on the CBS TV daytime drama Love of Life. The most intriguing of her early movie characterizations was Desdemona in rock singer Richie Havens' musical adaptation of Othello, 1974's Catch My Soul. Season then co-starred in the 1976 miniseries precursor to the TV weekly Family, returning to films in 1979 in a string of sexy roles. She managed to transcend the tawdriness of the 1982 crime flick Vice Squad, delivering a hauntingly convincing portrayal as Princess, the pathetic hooker victimized by psycho pimp Wings Hauser. A veteran of many made-for-television films, Season played Priscilla Presley in the top-rated 1979 TV biopic Elvis; co-starring as "the King" was Kurt Russell, who for several years was Hubley's husband. More recently --1994, to be exact -- Season Hubley co-starred as Annie Cobb on the TV series Blue Skies.

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tbd All My Children: Season 36 Jan 5, 2005 Angelique Marick (1992-1994) tbd
tbd All My Children: Season 35 Jan 5, 2004 Angelique Marick (1992-1994) tbd
tbd All My Children: Season 34 Jan 6, 2003 Angelique Marick (1992-1994) tbd
tbd All My Children: Season 33 Jan 7, 2002 Angelique Marick (1992-1994) tbd
tbd All My Children: Season 32 Jan 5, 2001 Angelique Marick (1992-1994) tbd
tbd Beverly Hills, 90210: Season 8 Sep 10, 1997 Noah's Attorney tbd
tbd Murder, She Wrote: Season 6 Sep 24, 1989 Marla tbd
tbd The Twilight Zone (1985): Season 1 Sep 27, 1985 Actor 9.0
tbd Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985): Season 1 May 5, 1985 Actor tbd
tbd Starsky & Hutch: Season 2 Sep 25, 1976 Terry tbd
tbd Kung Fu: Season 3 Sep 14, 1974 Margit tbd