Tim O'Connor

Biography: A familiar face to television audiences in the 1960s and 70s. His most notable role was on "Peyton Place" where he played Elliot Carson. Tall, slim and dark, neatly groomed, with piercing blue eyes and a flat but mellow voice, he was able to guest star on many television series during that era. He had brief film career, but was much more suited for television. He was born and raised on tough Southside of Chicago, Illinois. A salesman sold him a course to a radio acting school which started him down the path to becoming an actor. The Chicago Institute of Art's Goodman Memorial Theatre became his home of study. He moved on to spend several years with the Tent House Theatre Group. At the conclusion of that tenure he moved to New York and worked in summer stock, off-Broadway productions and eventually television. In 1957 he married actress Mary Foskett. The couple had one son, Timothy Michael.

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tbd Dynasty: Season 3 Oct 27, 1982 Dr. Thomas Crayford tbd
tbd Dynasty: Season 2 Nov 4, 1981 Dr. Thomas Crayford tbd
tbd 3-2-1 Contact: Season 1 Jan 14, 1980 Dr. Elias Huer tbd
tbd Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Season 1 Sep 20, 1979 Dr. Elias Huer tbd
tbd The Twilight Zone: Season 4 Jan 3, 1963 Col. Sloane 9.5