Tina Barrett

Biography: It may seem strange that seven high-spirited kids from Britain should find fame and fortune through a TV series set in the states, but with the appeal of MTV and the Internet, the pop world has never been smaller. The seven are well on their way to becoming the first international pop stars of the new millennium, so congratulations for being the first on your block to tune in to a gold-plated success story.
When Simon Fuller first advertised for seven young people who could act as well as sing and dance, word spread like wildfire through the acting grapevine. Cafes emptied and bars were laid bare as lines of young hopefuls formed around the block. Who would be the lucky ones groomed for superstardom? The blueprint was simple: two really good singers, two nimble dancers, someone who was really into fashion, a "cheeky kid sister" and a sensible big brother- type figure to keep an eye on them.