Yojiro Harada

Biography: The apprentice. Yoji serves a dual role as the parlor’s apprentice – a role that is a combination of pledge in the roughest fraternity and the opening and closing crew.

Yoji, a native of Tokyo, is covered in ink (some of which is done by our crew). In Yoji’s native Tokyo, having full-sleeve tats is a sign of the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia). As a result, when he goes home he is feared and respected, but in Miami he is the lowest guy on the totem pole. He mops up, gets coffee and is hazed relentlessly, which is all just part of the process of earning your stripes as a master. But underneath it all, the guys love and protect their young apprentice.

Yoji is 32 and recently married, with a newborn. He lived in Japan until he was 24, and performed his first tattoo on himself. He is also the lead singer of a punk rock band.

Yoji resides in Miami, Florida with his wife and daughter, Sydney.

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