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25 tv reviews
  1. The radical brilliance of Ethan Hawke’s penetrating look into the exceptional art and stormy marriage of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward is essential viewing for fans and newbies alike and an outpouring of movie love you’ll never forget.
  2. You’ll hang on in breathless suspense as Taron Egerton’s convicted drug runner gets a shot at freedom if he can work a confession out of his serial-killer cellmate (a brilliant Paul Walker Hauser). A posthumous Emmy for the great Ray Liotta, as an ex cop, would be poetic justice.
  3. Chris Pratt tamps down his natural humor to play a Navy SEAL trapped in a deadly government conspiracy. Not bad as flag-waving Dad TV, this slick, souped-up military revenge thriller comes off as a suspenseful two-hour movie trapped in eight hours of streaming series bloa
  4. The talent of Ben Whishaw shines on its highest beams in this mesmerizing medical series about Adam Kay, who left his career as a junior doctor in obstetrics and gynecology at a London hospital to fictionalize his life into a comedy of shocking gravity. You’ll laugh till it hurts.
  5. Polish up another Emmy for Jean Smart who goes funnier, fiercer and deeper in her second season as a Vegas stand-up on a road tour with a young comedy writer (Hannah Einbinder) she loves to torture as they dish out mirth and malice no other sitcom can match.
  6. Colin Firth burns with intensity in this nail-biting true-crime series that keeps you guessing if a bisexual novelist, politician, former marine and frequent liar pushed his wife (Toni Collette) to her death down the family staircase or whether she fell by accident.
  7. Even when it flies off the rails fudging facts about the mob and movie-making, this flawed but fascinating series about the creation of ‘The Godfather’—an enduring screen classic even after 50 years—is still an offer no movie fan can refuse.
  8. True-crime thrillers rarely hit as hard as this streaming series that stars a superb Andrew Garfield as a Mormon detective investigating a double murder that indicts a fundamentalist sect within the church. Believe this: It will take a piece out of you.
  9. Engrave an Emmy for Julia Roberts. She comes out blazing in this riveting series about loud and proud Martha Mitchell, the wife of Nixon Attorney General John Mitchell (Sean Penn) who found herself discredited as a delusional drunk for speaking the truth about Watergate.
  10. Despite risible dialogue and a disturbing swing toward cheap theatrics, this weak but watchable legal thriller still puts a human face on the MeToo movement thanks to committed, compelling performances from Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery.
  11. Michael Mann, who directed the sensational pilot episode of this fact-based, eight-part series about an American reporter (a terrific Ansel Elgort) covering the crime beat in Tokyo, shows you how thrilling action can be when a world-class talent is calling the shots.
  12. Thanks to the astounding Elle Fanning, this series about the Massachusetts girl who did jail time for texting her boyfriend to kill himself moves past the true-crime clichés and persuades us to open our hearts to this troubled teen in all her flawed humanity.
  13. Take my word, dear reader, this second helping of the smash Netflix series still smolders. Despite a drag in the midsection and the no-show of season-one sex magnet Regé-Jean Page, the dishy Shondaland cosplay brims over with eye-popping spectacle and ravishing romance.
  14. This cautionary tale about the flameout of the $47 billion workplace startup WeWork feels like a terrific two-hour movie trapped in a gallingly repetitive eight-hour miniseries, but Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway dazzle as the founding couple who come to believe their own lies.
  15. As an Irish amnesiac eluding a cabal of killers in the Australian outback, Jamie Dornan is so good you’ll follow him anywhere, which is what gives this relentlessly funny, ferocious, thrill-a-minute series the staying power to haunt your dreams.
  16. Start engraving a Best Actress Emmy for Amanda Seyfried who is sensational as Theranos founder and fraudster Elizabeth Holmes in a true-crime story that is more than compulsively watchable, it’s a cautionary fable that really stings.
  17. It dawdles getting started, but the next-to-last season of this groundbreaking comedy series about a female comic breaking the testosterone ceiling of standup in 1960 returns to peak form as an on-fire Rachel Brosnahan catches Mrs. Maisel in the exhilarating act of inventing herself.
  18. Julian Fellowes delivers must-see TV with an all-star, Americanized spin on his beloved “Downton Abbey’ and creates a glittering feast for the eyes and ears. Is the series more playful than profound, more froth than substance? Maybe. It's also perfectly irresistible.
  19. Propelled by the best ensemble cast you’ll find anywhere—Nicholas Braun and Matthew Macfadyen are a dream team of lacerating laughs— Season 3 is the funniest, fiercest ‘Succession’ yet. It’s a perverse pleasure to ogle the rich abusing their ill-gotten privileges.
  20. The laughs are fewer but sharper in this pandemic season of a dramedy series that takes on too much (bless it) but allows MVP’s Aniston, Witherspoon, Carell and the sensationally soulless Crudup to create an irresistible chaos that’s a pleasure to watch.
  21. This gender-flipped Mare of Easttown benefits from a solid Jeff Daniels as a police chief stalking a killer in a dying, Pennsylvania steel town, but even this terrific actor is not enough to save a dry, dreary, humorless series that stalls when it most needs to accelerate.
  22. Having scored the most Emmy nominations ever for a freshman sitcom, this soccer series tops itself with a second season that spins comic gold from the best ensemble cast on television, with Jason Sudeikis deepening an exuberant goodtime into an enduring comedy classic.
  23. An irresistible original musical romcom that gleefully mocks the thing it loves. Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key lead a cast of Broadway luminaries (shoutouts to Aaron Tveit, Ariana DeBose, Ann Harada and Marin Short) in a series that throws so many woke and witty curveballs that even musical haters will be laughing too hard to resist.
  24. The old magic isn’t back yet in a woke reboot that forgets a guilty conscience is no substitute for a guilty pleasure. But when these privileged teens get their digital knives out the result is wicked, compulsively watchable fun and deliciously addictive.
  25. As Loki, the aptly-named god of mischief, Tom Hiddleston returns in the role he was born to play. He and Owen Wilson, a deadpan delight as Agent Mobius, are Marvel's new dream team in a series that has it all. In a word, wow!
  26. What's on screen can be bloated, rambling and exasperating. But Stephen King’s eight-hour streaming version of his favorite among his own scary novels can—thanks to a great cast led by Julianne Moore and Clive Owen—pull you up short with the beauty and terror of marriage.
  27. The best and most addictive season yet. All 10 episodes of the royal drama are a binge-watcher's dream. Olivia Colman is the shining jewel in ‘The Crown,” but Emmy love, please, for Emma Corrin as Lady Di and a knockout Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher.
  28. This new Shondaland smash, her first for Netflix, is set in 1813 London and features color-blind casting, a mega-sexy star in Rege-Jean Page and enough ravishing romance to take your mind off the latest Covid surge. Get ready to swoon.
  29. Spectacular entertainment. As Avengers sidekicks who’ve graduated to the star spot, Mackie and Stan prove they can get laughs while grounding their characters in genuine emotion. Streaming deepens their impact without skimping on Marvel’s cinematic dazzle.
  30. A brilliant, bitterly funny Kate Winslet digs deep as a small-town, Pennsylvania detective in HBO’s compulsively watchable crime series that is full of twists you won’t see coming. Emmy attention must be paid.

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