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For 69 reviews, this publication has graded:
  • 26% higher than the average critic
  • 2% same as the average critic
  • 72% lower than the average critic
On average, this publication grades 7.6 points lower than other critics. (0-100 point scale)
Average Game review score: 66
Highest review score: 90 Phantom Brave
Lowest review score: 30 Street Racing Syndicate
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 69
  2. Negative: 13 out of 69
69 game reviews
    • 57 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    It’s a simple game that can be as much fun as it is annoying.
    • 85 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Even if disk two is useful only as a coaster for your role-playing coffee mug, Shadow Hearts: Covenant will still give you thirty hours of fantastic gameplay. That, in my opinion, is worth paying for.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Inevitably, such an involved game is unlikely to convert the masses, regardless of its quality. For wired-up MORPG fans though, Monster Hunter is a likeable, though unexceptional, addition to the genre.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Only on a cold day in hell would this game be your best choice.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    It’s true that a lot of today’s youth do buy into the street racing life, but for them it would actually be more rewarding to steal a car and drive around in it for a bit than spend time on this.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Just like "Disgaea," Phantom Brave is an innovative, and superb gaming experience from start to finish.
    • 85 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    The bonus levels are forgettable, while the attribute system is woefully underused.
    • 91 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The fact that there is neither 'easy' mode, nor training section hurts. The game is too harsh and hence off putting.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    While the lack of true visual quality can be overlooked, the slightly confusing, and at times overwhelming interface that you're presented with can add to the nerve wracking nature of the game.

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