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  1. Elizabeth I features two of the finest actors [Mirren and Irons] in film and television inspiring each other to some of the most spectacular work they have ever done.
  2. The university setting is intended to lend some intellectual weight to all the sexual imagery and conversation, but the road to mediocre TV drama is paved with such disingenuous intentions.
  3. Braugher's performance as Atwater is intense, scary, seductive and astonishing in its range of emotions. It leaves little doubt that he is still among the best actors ever to grace the medium.
  4. Old Christine is more fun than Watching Ellie. The question that remains is whether it will be funny enough for viewers to finally leave Elaine behind.
  5. Mozart wrote finales for his operas by focusing on a theme sounded in the opening notes, then expanding and building upon it through repetition and the amplification of other voices for a glorious ending. So is David Chase, creator and executive producer of The Sopranos, writing the finale for this landmark TV series - and if this isn't art, then neither is Mozart.
  6. The acting is among the finest on television.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Surely one of the most delightful examples of televised family entertainment this holiday season.
  7. If one is looking for a TV drama that earnestly tries to reflect and speak to our lives and times, it would be hard to do better than Sleeper Cell.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    What worked so well in short Daily Show-sized bites wears thin over a half-hour program.
  8. As drama, tonight's pilot has its flaws, but it is, nevertheless, one of those electrifying TV productions that instead of simply seeking to divert or amuse, challenges viewers to imagine a reality other than the one they have been conditioned to accept.
  9. Rock deals with a harsher teen reality than Cosby did in his Fat Albert days, but he is hitting the same universal notes of conflict, love, weirdness and strength found in close-knit families.
  10. Big talent meets weak script and every TV crime cliche known to prime time.
  11. [It has] a tick-tick-tick pace almost as intense as that of 24.
  12. Borderline over-the-top moments threaten the sense of verisimilitude usually expected in prime-time drama.
  13. My Name Is Earl is not a stupid sitcom - that is what makes its sexist and homophobic jokes so maddening.
  14. Baruchel... plays Ross with a winningly earnest goofiness, while Johnson skillfully navigates the darkly comic territory of being over the hill and irritated by everything and everyone who reminds him of his glory days.
  15. Case closed: 24 is the best drama on network TV.
  16. Once again, the producers and writers are creating a show that speaks to and reflects its era more succinctly and dramatically than any other network series.

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