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  1. The first four letters say it all.
  2. The picture seems deliberately trite, blunt, and manipulative, as if the producers didn't trust their audience to respond to anything else.
  3. Well, it really is a stinker, a compendium of The Deer Hunter's weaknesses (of plotting, narration, dialogue, and character) with few of its lyrical strengths.
  4. Jessica Lange brings so much energy and personal involvement to her portrayal of Frances Farmer that you can't help but feel sorry for her; nothing else in the film remotely matches her talent and dedication, and she seems alone—and even slightly absurd—in her feverish creativity.
  5. Dead-on imitations of some of the characters from the television series created by Bob Mosher and Joe Connelly will seem pointlessly stylized to viewers unfamiliar with the old sitcom.
  6. Intriguing but poorly executed ideas are the basis of this not entirely unappealing romantic comedy.
  7. Malkovich is severely miscast as a heartless and conniving thug admired by the hero (apparently Charles Grodin was busy), and Hopper, in a paper-thin role, barely registers.
  8. Cathartically disgusting adventure movie.
  9. Awkward storytelling and spotty exposition reduce it to a string of rude shocks--not even the eventual denouement provides a lucid enough account of where this is all coming from.
  10. The plot of this PG action thriller, a remake of the 2002 Danish film Klatretosen, is so full of holes that even middle schoolers might give it the raspberry, but a bigger problem is the three leads' lack of on-screen chemistry.
  11. For a filmmaker like Julie Taymor, Shakespeare's language isn't nearly as enticing as Prospero's violent manipulation of the elements, and this screen adaptation of the play-like her egregious Beatles movie "Across the Universe" (2007)-is primarily an exercise in eccentric (and, I would argue, empty) spectacle.
  12. After nine years, Duffy has coughed up a sequel, and like the first movie it's energetic, proudly juvenile, and reverently derivative.
  13. To boost this movie's rating to "worth seeing" would make me feel like a publicist or simply a dope.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    A soporific ghost story.
  14. The panoramic backgrounds have a silky beauty, but the characters are cheaply rendered with doll faces, enlarged musculature, tiny joints, and clunky movement. It's like watching Max Headroom lead his people out of Egypt.
  15. The grad student and her boyfriend (Marc Blucas) are blandly written and the story never develops any psychological depth; the paranormal explanation for what's going on is equally slight.
  16. A murky, directionless plot sinks this big-budget fantasy despite Martin Laing's elaborate production design; the dark, industrial-looking sets often recall "Brazil" but without that film's thrilling sense of an imagination run amok.
  17. Carpenter's direction is slow, dark, and stately; he seems to be aiming for an enveloping, novelistic kind of effect, but all he gets is heaviness.
  18. The end justifies the means as long as everything turns out OK for the not-too-obedient American soldier and everyone else who enjoys Coca-Cola.
  19. Director Niall Johnson struggles to find the proper tone: the serial murders aren't horrible enough to be funny, and the characters don't respond as if they're horrible at all. As a result the black humor thins into gray fog.
  20. Director Adam Shankman (Bringing Down the House) can't block a sight gag to save his life.
  21. This motorcycle melodrama is so stupid that during the press screening my colleagues' laughter threatened to drown out the roar of the engines.
  22. This remake is interesting mainly for the chance to see top-flight acting talent labor over dialogue so leaden you could cast bullets from it.
  23. Jaglom's 14th consists of his usual weakly improvised relationship comedy.
  24. Director Bruce Beresford -- not intending to be funny but succeeding wildly.
  25. A deeply stupid and offensive action comedy-romance.
  26. Keith is an awkward, galumphing presence, but he's more fun to watch than Kelly Preston as the girl's uptight mother.
  27. Though we are largely spared Leonard Nimoy's stentorian presence as a performer, we must endure his miscalculations as a director: the dialogue scenes are often hilariously turgid; the action scenes—when Nimoy can be bothered to descend from his podium and film them—are zanily maladroit.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The narrative decays more quickly than the characters.
  28. Two generic ideas amount to nothing in this theatrical dark comedy about violence and information overload.

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