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  1. Despite original touches, Cut Sleeve Boys is mostly a mediocre gay-themed movie plagued by tired humor and slapdash filmmaking.
  2. The film is a rogue hunk of hooey.
    • 54 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    The TV episodes invariably embed a character or a bit of dialogue in your brain that you continuously describe or repeat to your friends. No such find in the movie, though the offbeat soundtrack is very gettable.
  3. The film has one objective: to smack its audience in the face with fleeting, competing wows, over and over.
  4. A mostly bland, sporadically crude, by-the-numbers romantic comedy about two gay men in love.
  5. (Kids) are likely to reject Grizzly Falls as though it were a piece of chewed-over bear fat.
    • Chicago Tribune
  6. There's almost no reason to see the movie, unless you have no qualms about wasting your time.
  7. This is a generic action picture. What also is missing are scenes in which Nolte and Murphy could relate to each other quietly and with some wit. [8 Jun 1990, p.C]
    • Chicago Tribune
    • 24 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    While director Eric Valette provides the occasional chill, the disturbing spooks aren't enough to make this boat float. Burns sleepwalks through One Missed Call totally devoid of charisma, and Sossamon muddles along, going through the motions.
  8. When a movie keeps repeating its title, you know it's a stinker.
  9. Like all B-movies (or in this case, pseudo B-movies), "Skeleton" contains sparkling moments of promise and camp performance.
  10. Turturro is the one thing that's right with the movie. Perhaps the weakest thing about the new "Deeds" is its utter lack of a strong viewpoint and real emotion.
  11. Hit & Run is pretty rancid as comedy. Worse, the chases are strictly amateur hour, all shortcut editing and no gut satisfaction.
  12. A mild and static attempt at sincere camp.
  13. A lot of the rougher stuff, depicting Ig's late-inning vengeance, is sadistically misjudged. It's hard to jerk tears a beat or two after gleeful rounds of brutality, even if it happens to, or because of, dear wee Daniel Radcliffe.
  14. Lacks the meanness of so many recent gross-out comedies. With the sparkling Diaz leading the way, the lame humor is much more palatable.
  15. Jumper, the film, goes everywhere and nowhere.
  16. The film may be bad-and mad-but it's not predictable.
  17. Falls prey to a boatload of screenwriting cliches that sink it faster than a leaky freighter.
  18. The Favor is a sex comedy without sex-and pretty much without comedy. [29 Apr 1994]
    • Chicago Tribune
  19. Often ridiculous, mostly poorly written and, surprisingly poorly acted too. No matter how many flashy scenes the filmmakers shoot, the bad lines just keep dripping down. [21 Aug 1998]
    • Chicago Tribune
  20. As generic as its title, College Road Trip feels like a first draft, the one the studio brings to the rewrite team that, in this case, never got hired.
  21. Tries mightily to give these warmed-over cliches the proper seasoning, but in the end, these leftovers fail to satisfy. [12 March 1999, Friday, p.L]
    • Chicago Tribune
  22. Is it a political movie? Yes. A movie with strong ideas and issues? Yes. But propaganda with its heart in the right place is still propaganda, and seldom easy to watch.
  23. Strangely unmoving. So what went wrong?
  24. The ratings board gets all twisted up about sex and skin, yet it cannot give you or your kids enough ax blades to the cranium. This week's evidence: the remake of the old Wes Craven horror item, The Hills Have Eyes, which should not be rated R. It should be rated NC-17, or ITTS-OW, which stands for Is This Thing Sadistic, Or What?
  25. High-minded sleaze, the film deceives you with its first 10 minutes, which are interestingly creepy.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    It's a juicy premise, but the enactment is so dumbed-down -- by turns preposterous and predictable -- that you couldn't possibly fault your jaded children for yawning and rolling their eyes.
  26. Carell's pal and "Daily Show" colleague Jon Stewart has a cameo as himself, one of a chorus of godless media star non-believers who do not see God's larger plan for Evan. Yes, well. At least "The Daily Show" is funny.
  27. The pacing throughout is languid. Your eye becomes fixated on the hideous 70s wallpaper behind them. If only the story's interstellar narrative developments had the intensity of that wallpaper. Rod Serling might've gotten a great hour out of it (the story, that is, not the wallpaper). It simply is not two hours' worth, no matter how many quantum leaps into the unknown Kelly takes.