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136 tv reviews
  1. “Reservation Dogs” takes a couple of episodes to find its footing, but by episode three, I was hooked.
  2. Much like its Apple TV+ counterpart “Ted Lasso,” this is a series that’s optimistic and uplifting. “Schmigadoon!” is a brilliant and unique program that’s well worth your time.
  3. Unique, bold and flat out funny, “Wellington Paranormal” is exactly the type of series that network executives should be embracing.
  4. Clever, bold and flat out fascinating, “Loki” sets a new bar for Disney+ shows.
  5. Theroux is perfect for this role and you’re going to like Allie Fox despite his numerous flaws. Part MacGyver, part David Attenborough and part charismatic public speaker Allie is enjoyable to watch, even as he puts his family through an endless series of challenging scenarios.
  6. "Mare of Easttown" is a riveting and compelling series. I devoured the five episodes I had access to and was ready for more.
  7. When it’s firing on all cylinders, it’s a program worthy of its subject matter. However, a messy first half can make for difficult viewing. If you’re a casual Franklin fan, there are better biopic option. But if you’re a diehard, “Genius: Aretha” is still worth a look.
  8. Created with care and a depth of focus, the series leads to a rewarding, and in some ways, unexpected story that is nothing but a win for the Marvel faithful.
  9. Well-crafted and with a cinematic feel, this series could be the catalyst to reignite The CW’s superhero empire.
  10. Even though they were both born in the country, they still show an immense appreciation for and love of their own culture. This passion is sure to be carried to viewers, who will get to experience a fun adventure in a stunning setting.
  11. Clever dialogue and solid acting, both infused with Johnson’s trademark charisma, makes for a great recipe. Make sure you smell what The Rock is cooking and give this series the attention it deserves.
  12. A stellar cast and detailed storytelling make “Clarice” addictively enjoyable.
  13. This excellent sci-fi series, which cleverly blends comedy and drama with a murder mystery, is a blast. “Resident Alien” is laugh-out-loud funny, full of heart-felt moments and, much like Harry himself, surprisingly sincere. It’s the first must-watch show of 2021.
  14. I’m a fan of any long-running franchise stepping out of its comfort zone to try something new and “WandaVision” does exactly that for Marvel. Quirky, humorous and with fascinating characters, I’m interested to see what kind of long, strange trip Wanda and Vision have planned.
  15. Small nuggets of mystery blended together with an intense storyline and a brilliant performance from Cranston make “Your Honor” an intriguing series.
  16. The comedy here is dry and subtle. If you’re used to watching network sitcoms, this show is not for you. ... Depending on who you ask, “Moonbase 8” is either a hilarious, irreverent comedy or a snoozefest. You’ll have to watch for yourself to see which description is more accurate.
  17. “The Undoing” is brilliant and will be this fall’s most talked about dramatic series.
  18. This series certainly demonstrates how typical, yet special this community is. The lives of the students in “Deaf U” make for compelling and thought-provoking television.
  19. Clever, a bit frightening and a whole lot of fun, “Next” is a show that wonderfully balances our own trepidations when it comes to technology with deft storytelling.
  20. In some ways this series, with its own Academy Award winner in Hilary Swank, feels like “Gravity: The Series.” However, due to its episodic nature, it goes much deeper than a film can when it comes to chronicling the sacrifice, complexities and thrill the people on this kind of mission would experience. A riveting TV series, “Away” is well worth your time.
  21. Lasso’s can-do attitude is hard to believe, but once his sincerity becomes clear, audiences will find themselves rooting and laughing with, and not at, this lovable American.
  22. The pilot for this series, with its completely unique premise, blew me away.
  23. A complex murder mystery that will make you wonder how safe you really are while under constant surveillance from CCTV cameras.
  24. Schwimmer is Michael Scott on steroids in this sitcom that premiered earlier this year in the U.K. Unfortunately the humor is often inconsistent.
  25. Despite a slow start, “Perry Mason” is an easy series to become engrossed in. Incredible production design and a first-rate cast will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the action.
  26. Despite a rough start, “Space Force’s” impressive pedigree hints at its considerable potential and, after six episodes, provided plenty of clues that it will gradually find its way. An excellent cast and moments of sincere hilarity make this a comedy worth taking a chance on.
  27. Complex characters, witty dialogue, a precarious play for power and just the right touches of humor make for riveting television.
  28. This series is loaded with hilarious one-liners, which are often filled with off-color colloquialisms, and controversial subject matter.
  29. This role puts all of Evans’ acting acumen on full display. Sensitive, thoughtful, yet oddly contradictory, Evans says just as much with Andy’s subtle facial movements than he does with any line of dialogue. It’s a masterful performance.
  30. While it can sometimes get bogged down by too many extraneous details, the story of “Mrs. America” is intriguing. First- rate performances from a stellar cast bring a divisive time in America’s political history to life.

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