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107 tv reviews
  1. “World on Fire” hits the ground running and doesn’t let up. While it might take a bit of time to grasp everything onscreen, once you do you’re in for an emotional and jaw-dropping ride.
  2. A stellar cast, fascinating characters and an engaging story line make “The Plot Against America” a must-watch limited series.
  3. “Hunters” is a mind blowing romp that packs an emotional punch. It just might be the best Amazon TV series yet.
  4. Near the end of the pilot episode, after a long struggle full of twists, turns and several defeats, Wallace finally enjoys a victory. It’s a small one for him, but a bigger one for a fellow inmate. In that moment, “For Life” truly shines and makes Wallace’s journey one worth following.
  5. Smart, well-written and with an excellent cast, “Tommy” is a strong new series that offers a fresh and welcome take on the police procedural.
  6. “Avenue 5” is a surefire hit and will bolster HBO’s reputation as the best place to go to view unique, well-thought-out comedies. Although there were some comedic inconsistencies in the first four episodes I watched, when the humor hits the mark, and it does quite frequently, “Avenue 5” is laugh out loud funny.
  7. A riveting series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, “The Outsider” is a must-watch show.
  8. A series that’s just flat-out fun, albeit flawed.
  9. Forky's view of things that are both simple yet complex is endearing, thoughtful and full of humor. I only wish episodes were longer than three minutes.
  10. It's a little on the saccharine side, but the message it delivers is a positive one.
  11. Taking real people and bringing them back together to recreate an event they bonded over more than 10 years later is incredibly entertaining and thought-provoking.
  12. Goldblum is an oddball, so some may find his distinctive speech pattern and mannerisms distracting, but I appreciate his view of the world and unique take at the simple things in life.
  13. If you're a hard core Disney fan, you'll love this deep dive into the history of the men and women behind the organization.
  14. Your tweenager's newest obsession will be this series that's heavy on humor, music and meta references.
  15. While it has the some of the ingredients of standard teen fare, this series is anything but typical. A rich, layered and fascinating group of characters will keep you glued to your TV. ... “Looking for Alaska” is a riveting series, but it’s not for everyone. It deals with heavy subject matter that some may find tough to digest.
  16. Told through a complex and riveting mystery, a murder investigation is at the center of “Watchmen’s” first season. It’s up to Angela Abar/Sister Night to do the unraveling. King balances her divergent roles as mother, wife, friend and vigilante with a mix of grace, sincere affection and ferocity. ... After an unevenly paced premiere episode, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this new series. But after episode two I was all in.
  17. Everything in the “Batwoman” premiere occurs at a breakneck pace. This is great for quickly filling in a new character’s backstory but not for developing a superhero. ... With “Gotham” wrapping up earlier this year, the TV landscape was in desperate need of stories to tell from the Batman universe. It’s a world that should consistently be explored. “Batwoman” appears ready to do just that.
  18. The audience is left with more questions than answers after the one-hour premiere. ... These multiple mysteries are exactly what will get people hooked on “Emergence.” ... "Emergence" is fascinating.
  19. Watching Jesse Gemstone squirm because of the troublesome situation he manufactured for himself is wildly entertaining. There’s nothing quite like seeing simpleminded cretins get their comeuppance, and viewers will see plenty of that in “The Righteous Gemstones.”
  20. The darker side of superheroes is an area that’s been explored before but not with nearly the intensity and thoughtfulness you’ll see in “The Boys.” An action-packed drama with touches of humor, this is a TV series you won’t want to miss.
  21. It has some humor and sincere moments of friendship, but viewers won’t mistake it for a comedy. “Euphoria” has a story to tell, and its simple frankness packs a punch. Prepare for brutal candor with a heavy dose of empathy.
  22. Set in a life-or-death environment, themes of integrity, greed, justice and irony are all over this series. It’s an unusual combination, but they blend well, making “Catch-22” a great viewing experience. Initially, Yoyo is a hard character to support. ... It’s not until episode three that he can be viewed as a sympathetic character.
  23. Even though it can be a tough watch, I found “Chernobyl” riveting. The sacrifice of those involved is inspiring, making it a mini-series you won’t want to miss.
  24. Although it stumbled a bit in the third act, I zoomed through this PBS Masterpiece mini-series in one sitting. A riveting story still relevant today, this latest version of “Les Misérables” is a cinematically stunning and beautifully acted series you won’t want to miss.
  25. Clever, addicting and weird in a good way, this is the type of reboot for which viewers hope. It’s one that honors the legacy of something great but moves it in a new direction.
  26. While watching the first three episodes, this show reminded me of “The Office” but with a lot more violence, adult situations and neck biting. What We Do in the Shadows is a quirky and off-beat comedy worth checking out.
  27. Throughout the six-episode season, we see Tony slowly cope with his pain. The process is done so organically that it feels authentic. But what makes this series truly memorable is how brilliantly Ricky Gervais injects humor into such complex subject matter. Touching, poignant and humorous, this is some of the comedian’s best work yet.
  28. The Widow is a series that requires patience to appreciate. After the first two episodes, there wasn’t much to get excited about. But once the dots started connecting in episode three, I was intrigued.
  29. It isn't a gut buster. The jokes are refined and subtle, so if you like over-the-top gags and laugh tracks, this won't be the sitcom for you.
  30. Intelligent, rapid-fire dialogue and brilliant performances from a stellar cast will leave you laughing and wanting more. The world of Black Monday can be harsh with a self-centered bent, but it certainly is entertaining. Much like the 1980s itself.

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