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28 tv reviews
  1. If you liked EMHE the first time around, you’ll like it now. And you’ll also like watching Ferguson fumble his way through these jobs and bringing his comedic touch to a show that can get repetitive after awhile.
  2. It may be gross to watch, it may have too much testosterone running through it, but dammit, I liked watching these dopes suffer.
  3. We’re not sure if Utopia Falls is going to get better than the first episode, which we found hokey at times. But we’ll keep watching just to hear more Snoop Dogg, and if the show improves, all the better.
  4. Duncanville is a show where normal things happen to a regular kid. Maybe the fact that it’s not trying too hard is what makes it so funny.
  5. The first episode of Washington, despite being almost 90 minutes without commercials, moves along nicely, the battle scenes are done reasonably well and Rowe does a good job filling the shoes of the great George Washington.
  6. This miniseries isn’t quite the War Of The Worlds you’re familiar with, but it does seem to be looking like a fine apocalyptic survival story that at least has an ending, unlike some others that we’ve been watching on other cable channels for the past ten years.
  7. If you’re a fan of the Slow Burn podcast, or if you’ve never heard it before, you’ll find out new information about Watergate during this docuseries. You just have to get past the aren’t-we-clever podcast shtick first.
  8. While it feels like a 101-level course in LGBTQIA+ representation in TV, Visible: Out On Television is still a good overview of just how far the medium has come in this regard, and how far it has to go.
  9. The Ghost Bride is a fun show that lightens up on the history and leans in on the mystery, with a sprinkle of romance mixed in.
  10. Two engaging leads and a witty script make Cherish The Day a show that immediately draws you in.
  11. Has the feel of a high-quality procedural to us instead of a super-serialized prestige show.
  12. She really doesn’t have to say much more about how she’s standing alone or what she’s standing for these days, exactly.
  13. The show’s not really going to change your mind about whether or not love truly is blind, but it is going to make you scream at your TV a lot (in the good way).
  14. The Pharmacist shows how sheer determination, fueled by grief and anger, can drive one man to affect change, even if it’s in the face of a corrupt bureaucracy or a massive corporation.
  15. Couple Trouble is super-relatable, and light enough to make sure you’re not going to fight with your SO after watching it.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    There’s no such thing as a perfect television show, but Joe Pera Talks With You is pretty darn close.
  16. Not only is it funny, but it sets itself up from the first minute as the next great workplace comedy, one that even gamers will like.
  17. We have no confidence that this mix-and-match episode format is anything more than a gimmick and will just lead to confused viewers.
  18. Marginally recommended, based on the fact that Drescher, Weber, Pally and Elliott are an extremely talented and funny cast, and there’s hope that the writing will improve to accommodate their talents.
  19. Edie Falco is one of those actors we’ll watch in anything. And Tommy certainly is anything.
  20. The world that Andy Greenwald has set up in Briarpatch is one that’s worth visiting, despite the heavy hand on quirk.
  21. There aren’t enough shows on network television right now that are as aspirational as this one is, and Hale’s magnetic performance as Katy will keep you watching.
  22. If you’ve seen some amazing LEGO sculptures and wonder who does that sort of thing, LEGO Masters will be a good insight into master builders’ skill set and thought process.
  23. If you’ve ever wondered why you never won more than free french fries while playing Monopoly, you’ll want to watch this docuseries.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    High Fidelity uses its brilliant cast, sharp writing, and hypnotically cool set design to examine how relationships have and haven’t changed in the modern era.
    • 91 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    In the end the depressed horse show didn’t just give us a way to vocalize our own vulnerabilities, insecurities, and mental anguish. It also gave us hope for a better future, as well as a guide for us all to find our own happiness.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    I loved the first season of Netflix’s Locke & Key adaptation, which brilliantly skirts the line between horror, drama, comedy and dark fantasy the comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez helped innovate.
  24. A novel approach to the usual Norse legend story, and should be fun to watch.
  25. Netflix’s rapidly diversifying lineup of reality shows has another binge-worthy entry.
  26. It’s your typical Coben yarn, with multiple and seemingly unrelated threads going on at once, characters who have dark secrets that are alluded to but not mentioned outright until enough tension is drawn out, and mysteries upon mysteries.

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