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  1. The talented cast, clever mystery, and ’90s nostalgia are a winning combination. For these summer girls, 1999 might be cruel, but for the rest of us, the show is the perfect summer escape.
  2. One of the things we appreciated about the first episode of The Lazarus Project is that writer Joe Barton (Giri/Haji, The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself) doesn’t torture George with dozens of time jumps before being introduced to The Lazarus Project. But what we also appreciate is that the first episode does just enough time jumping to set up what’s really going to happen in the series.
  3. A winning chemistry between all of the members of the family thrives at the center of Joe Pickett, a neo-Western with its own take on the various troubles that weave their way into the mountains and grand vistas of Wyoming.
  4. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson hasn’t lost a step in its third season, and in fact it’s probably gained a few, given that the inherent strangeness beneath the surface of our society is only becoming more inflamed.
  5. Ghosts Of Beirut tries to take the exceedingly complex Lebanese Civil War and tries to make it into a good-guys-bad-guys spy thriller, but fails to do so simply because that time in history can’t be boiled down so easily.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    A three-part docuseries, How To Create A Sex Scandal turns the tables on what a true crime documentary typically is.
  6. Between Arnold’s funny lines, the fun supporting cast and the well-thought-out family dynamic, FUBAR delivers a fun first episode that moves quickly and keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  7. The first episode of The Clearing left us too frustrated and confused for us to want to watch any more of this creepy cult thriller.
  8. While it took a bit of time to get our bearings with regards to what’s going on in the Heavenly Realm, we still enjoyed the first episode of American Born Chinese because of the earthly part of the story, as well as the well-done action sequences.
  9. SmartLess: On The Road takes three well-known actors and shows them acting like three buddies on a long road trip, and we wouldn’t want the show to be anything other than that.
  10. The voice cast is excellent; Hong is especially good as the adventurous Grandpa. .... Gremlins: Secrets Of The Mogwai should be a good entry point into the Gremlins legend for kids, and it’s sophisticated enough that their parents should enjoy it, as well, even if they watched the original movie with their hands covering their eyes.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Plot lines don’t veer too far into WTF territory without a payoff. Through vulnerability and introspection, Platonic strikes a nice balance between lighthearted and serious storylines.
  11. Rainn Wilson And The Geography Of Bliss is aided by Wilson’s history, genial grumpiness and what seems like a true desire to figure out what makes people happy.
  12. The Sercrets Of Hillsong is an effective picture of a megachurch that tried to modernize the old-fashioned Pentecostal service, despite being not only just as ultra-conservative as other evangelical ministries, but in possession of lots and lots of secrets.
  13. Primo is a fun, feelgood family sitcom that shows a type of family that we rarely see on TV.
  14. XO, Kitty works because Cathcart knows Kitty very well at this point, the story takes turns that aren’t the usual artificial romcom plot contrivances, and there’s enough layers to make the show more than just about its central romance.
  15. The Family Stallone is mainly a harmless reality distraction. But it’s not going to give much insight into Sly’s life with his family. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re going to be disappointed.
  16. We’re on the fence. At times, High Desert comes off as an overflowing sack of chaotic scenes passing for a story, but at other times, when it’s focused on where it’s going, it can be fun to watch.
  17. While we hope the show, and Obama, stay as grounded as it does in the first episode, Working: What We Do All Day is still a good glimpse at just what work is like in America, especially in these post-pandemic times.
  18. Mulligan is derivative. You can’t avoid that truth. But it shows some promise, and is just funny enough to warrant your attention for another episode or three.
  19. Black Knight may take a couple of episodes to fully build out its world, but it’s not a slow-paced introduction to this post-apocalyptic version of Seoul, with stunning visuals and well-done fight sequences.
  20. If all you knew about Gadsby was hearing comedians debating whether Gadsby was even a comedian, then this might help settle that debate once and for all.
    • 87 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Fanning and Hoult are as winning as ever, and the series wastes no time diving back into its playful retelling of one of Russia’s most famous monarch couples.
  21. It has a little bit of everything for a variety of viewers, and serious drama that’ll undoubtedly keep us on the edge of our seats. If you’re ready for something a little different, you should absolutely give Unicorn a try.
  22. Class Of ’09 is too busy jumping between timelines to tell a cohesive story that has any kind of momentum.
  23. The Muppets Mayhem is a funny, fast-paced show which doesn’t sacrifice story or characters for pop culture references and celebrity cameos. And the fact that it’s family friendly is a bonus.
  24. Though we liked the experts that were interviewed for Queen Cleopatra, as well as Adele James’ performance as the famous queen, the dramatic sequences leave too much to be desired to keep us from just reading about Cleopatra online to get the information we want.
  25. While Sanctuary moves a bit slowly at times, it’s a fascinating look inside sumo wrestling that should be of interest to anyone who has an interest in Japanese sports culture.
  26. Jones and Oyelowo carry the first episode of Silo with great performances. But the rest of the cast, as well as the hopeful ending and Yost’s proven storytelling ability, tells us that the show won’t be a typical depressing dystopian drama.
  27. Bupkis has some flaws, and Davidson at times suffers from the generosity he and his co-creators have given to the rest of the cast and guest stars. But it’s still a funny show that takes some surprising early emotional turns that still feel earned.

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