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Average TV Show review score: 64
Highest review score: 100 Murder One: Season 2
Lowest review score: 0 High Society: Season 1
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 70
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70 tv reviews
  1. This is a drama about a family — the Pryors of Philadelphia — that's actually interesting for viewers' entire families.
  2. The show could turn out to be one of those guilty pleasures like the early years of Dynasty or Melrose Place — a show that's fun because it is so melodramatic and dumb.
  3. The new, two-part movie is definitely worse than the original. It's just not particularly scary. Which is a problem for what's supposed to be a horror film.
  4. There are some fabulous pyrotechnics in the Sci Fi Channel's miniseries Firestarter: Rekindled, but they could have been put to better use. Like incinerating the dreadful script, for which writer Philip Eisner should be burned at the stake. Or, failing that, simply tossing the film footage into the flames and destroying this abomination before it got out and embarrassed everyone involved. With the possible exception of acting and direction so bad they're unintentionally funny, there's absolutely nothing of redeeming value in "Rekindled" whatsoever. [8 March 2002]
    • Deseret News
  5. But he has created a creepy tale that anyone who enjoys being scared — without being totally grossed out — will enjoy.
  6. Ultimately, "Storm of the Century" becomes rather predictable. [14 Feb 1999]
    • Deseret News
  7. If Stephen King had written "The Twilight Zone," it would have looked like this. This eight-part anthology — two hourlong episodes each Wednesday for four weeks — adapts eight King stories for TV with pretty good results.
  8. The Tommyknockers' biggest problem is that it's just too long. This would have been a much better movie if it had been cut by at least a quarter - and perhaps as much as a half.
  9. The cast, on the whole, creates believable characters in an unbelievable situation. (Pinchot is the exception - too much of his comic persona leaks through and undermines the maniac he's trying to create.)
  10. If you sit through it, you're not going to be counting the hours until next week's episode.
  11. It's tough for anything to succeed on Saturday night, and this show may be too uneven to hold up for long. But it has possibilities, so let's hope ABC sticks with it for a while.
  12. But this outstanding drama...takes the most horrible of situations and turns it into an intelligent, entertaining, strongly pro-family series.
  13. Falcone, while not perfect, is an engaging series that CBS is running as a miniseries
  14. The Beat is certainly a leap up from most of what UPN airs. [20 March 2000]
    • Deseret News
  15. Nearly unwatchable -- a dreadful rehash of old sitcom jokes that are, at best, lame and, at worst, offensive.
  16. Quite frankly, it's just about the most unpleasant half hour as NBC has cooked up in quite some time. It's not just that it's not funny -- which it's not -- but Perkins' character in particular and the show in general are just plain unpleasant.
  17. Whether The Others turns out to be a great series remains to be seen. It is, at least, an intriguing one with possibilities.
  18. The best thing to hit TV this season. [1 Apr 1998, p.C1]
    • Deseret News
  19. Sort of "Back to the Future" by way of "thirtysomething" -- a derivative, annoying drama with a time-travel conceit. [27 Sept 2002, p.C08]
    • Deseret News
  20. Hurrah for diversity! If only this were a show that was actually worth watching. [19 Sept 2003, p.C01]
    • Deseret News
  21. It's relatively entertaining, but the content is more than a bit rough for its 7 p.m. time slot.
  22. From the looks of the pilot, it doesn't look like anything to get excited about. [15 Sept 1998]
    • Deseret News
  23. It's deliciously dumb. [8 Nov 2001, p.C02]
    • Deseret News
  24. A violent, confusing and ultimately unsatisfying journey to the dark side. [8 Oct 1999, p.C08]
    • Deseret News
  25. A silly bit of fluff, complete with low-tech special effects and silly sight gags. But that's exactly what it's intended to be. [27 Sept 1996, p.3]
    • Deseret News
  26. I hate this show...This is an awful, awful show. [24 Sept 2002, p.C08]
    • Deseret News
  27. Crossing is excellent drama, strongly written and well-acted. The big question, however, is whether it will remain as unremittingly serious as tonight's pilot episode -- which might make it a bit heavy for weekly viewing. [10 Oct 2000, p.C07]
    • Deseret News
  28. It's all rather dull. Which might be remedied. Maybe. [4 Oct 2003, p.E08]
    • Deseret News
  29. If all teenage boys think about is sex, sex and more sex, then the producers and writers of "life as we know it" have captured the teenage boy perfectly.
  30. "The Chronicle" is more a goof than a scare. [12 Jul 2001]
    • Deseret News

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