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  1. There’s an immense amount of talent on screen in Space Force, from the main ensemble to the recurring cast, which includes Jane Lynch, Patrick Warburton, Diedrich Bader, Fred Willard, Ben Schwartz, Dan Bakkedahl, and Jessica St. Clair. What the show lacks is any kind of comedic vision, or even a fully-formed concept.
  2. It is [good]... and then it isn't. You sense lawsuits being avoided in the flat portrayals of the Broderick children. ... Peet plays confused desperation to the hilt, but the awkward structure of this eight-part saga turns her rage repetitive. The actual act of killing gets morseled out as a tension-crating Big Reveal, fodder fro flash-forwards and cliffhangers. [Jun 2020, p.87]
  3. Everyone's cobwebbed in a way-too-busy plot that replaces simmering office park absurdity with dystopian triple-reverses. [Jun 2020, p.88]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  4. Creator Sam Boyd has given us a female protagonist who is not only very familiar, she seems to be living by a set of rules that are distressingly outdated. ... Love Life is at its best when it examines how Darby's non-romantic connections influence her approach to finding a significant other.
  5. Creators Loren Bouchard, Nora Smith (Bob’s Burgers), and Josh Gad (Frozen) apply brainy, Broadway-style whimsy to the daily dramas of life. The result is a show that has a good heart, and you can dance to it, too.
  6. Gospel's not for kids, but it reflects the ecstatic innovations that made Adventure Time such a trip. Ward directs every episode and finds moments of religious astonishment alongside gloopy horror, all of it served with chatty humanism and palpable sweetness. ... The result is a new kind of masterpiece: easy to like, easier to worship.
  7. The special is a fun-with-characters piece, not quite the sitcom-Wire of yore. Still, I admire how Schur curls our pandemic reality back to the foundational Parks and Recreation saga of civil service in the face of overwhelming odds. ... A Parks and Recreation Special is a genuine return from one of the best TV series ever made. In a strange way, the sitcom’s faux-documentary structure lends itself well to the videoconferencing conceit.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    I left Hollywood feeling more entertained and uplifted than annoyed. Sometimes it's nice to see the good guys get a win, even if they haven't really earned it. (Kristen Baldwin's grade: B) Something about Hollywood’s grinning simplicity — its crushing certainty that good people make good art that earns good money and is good for society — left me cold. (Darren Franich's grade: C)
  8. DuckTales is lovably ridewculous, visually kaleidewscopic, and totally dewpendous. [May 2020, p.88]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  9. Insecure remains funny and moving, a chill show about the hustle. ... There's a bit of specificity missing. [May 2020, p.85]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  10. Sweet, shrewd series. ...[Maitreyi Ramakrishnan] has remarkable comedic swagger; she delivers Devi’s savage takedowns with the cheerful confidence of a young Amy Poehler. McEnroe is skilled at self-parody, and he toggles his tone between supportive observer, frustrated adult scold, and OK Boomer.
  11. Most of the cast of Too Hot to Handle aren't built for anything deeper than a foot bath — and the prospect of $100k split 10 ways isn’t enough to keep many of them invested for long.
  12. Whether you’re a Good Fight fan or a newcomer, you’ll get something magic from the premiere. ... I’m more intrigued to see how Good Fight approaches the uber-rich in its other scattered storylines.
  13. Mrs. America is solid. But if the show had liberated itself from the idea of “having it all,” it could have been spectacular.
  14. I worry the premiere lacks the Bethenny punch. She classed everything up by dressing everyone down. But I remain invested in these women. [Apr 2020, p.70]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  15. Entertaining and emotional, escapist and inspirational, Making the Cut is first-rate quarantine TV.
  16. The three episodes I've seen of the eight-part season evoke Lenù's expanding political conscience and Lila's boiling rage. This is still sumptuous getaway TV.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    These episodes definitely feel less frustrating when viewed through the “final season” lens — but if Nolan and Joy are sticking to their five-to-six-season “plan,” I hope they find a way to bring things back to the parks. [Kristen's Grade: B-] I enjoy a few aspects of this new season, Kristen. After seeing four episodes of the (notably reduced) eight-episode season, though, my main feeling is I really enjoyed the show about cowboy robots in a theme park that apparently ended years ago. [Darren's Grade: C]
    • 70 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The first nine minutes of the pilot did more to hook me than months of FX’s aggressively cryptic ad campaign ever could. ... Devs sets you up to believe that it’s going to be some kind of chilly, Black Mirror-esque dreadfest, but the show starts undermining that idea almost immediately by infusing scenes with small and unexpected touches of emotion. [Kristen Baldwin: A-] It’s a frustrating missed opportunity. I’d be more convinced by all the predestination soliloquies if the plot didn’t feel tram-lined through so many clichés and phony notes of unearned catharsis. Of course the characters don’t have free will. That would require imagination, something Devs can only simulate. [Darren Franich: C]
  17. Hulu's sharp, soapy and emotional intense limited series is more than your standard suburban whodunit. ... There's also a rich and satisfying teen drama nestled inside Little Fires' saga of adult ennui. The young cast - especially Stott as the angsty Izzy and Lewis as the lovelorn Moody - is impressive. [Mar 2020, p.90]
  18. TEOTFW, in its first season at least, followed a clear story arc — teen psychopath discovers his humanity — while Not Okay waters down its bittersweet saga of loss and self-discovery with unnecessary supernatural hoo-hah. ... The It co-stars have a sweet and comfortable chemistry.
  19. Twelve years into the lead role, Odenkirk keeps finding new shades of goofy charisma and freaky desperation, and the Saulification of Jimmy is a performance within a performance. ... Season 5 still feels tangential, juggling placeholder subplots with hysterical continuity.
  20. Simon and Burns craft their story with remarkable texture, tracking the nation’s downward spiral from inside a besieged family’s living room. ... The final hour is one of the most breathtakingly tense episodes of television I’ve ever seen, carrying you on a dark journey through a country on fire.
  21. The majority of Hunters works — at least in the first five episodes.
  22. Once the proposals begin and the couples finally meet, the pod experiment evaporates, and Love is Blind becomes just another spin on the whole Married to My 90-day Fiancé at First Sight genre. ... To Netflix’s credit, LIB is an addictive reality show, but it’s also one that will leave you feeling worse than when you started. Call it a guilty displeasure.
  23. Charming yet slight . ... Every other character is just too practically perfect in every way, hardscrabbling occasional setbacks with bright-eyed radiance because friendship conquers all.
  24. An entertaining and heartfelt family adventure about growing up, coping with loss, and finding a demon at the bottom of a well on your haunted estate. Imagine Goosebumps for grown-ups, or Stranger Things on antidepressants.
  25. Picard has flashes of eccentricity, and any science-fiction show with a Miguel de Unamuno shoutout demands a quantum of hope. But for now, this is another disappointing Star Trek. Should we give it a chance? My advice: Disengage.
  26. Legends of Tomorrow flies high as a kite, and the kite was hit by lightning, so now it’s an omnisexual talking kite firing electric rays at sexy history. ... A little self-awareness goes a long way, but Legends has a charm that’s more old-fashioned than meta. Every adventure is a game of dress-up.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    It’s almost impressive how aggressively obnoxious the first episode is. ... But whenever the show moves away from the Goopers and focuses on actual humans — each episode features “case studies” with everyday folk who have tried the “alternative” treatment being discussed — it’s hard not to be drawn in on a more genuine level. ... One big problem with most of Goop Lab, though: It’s boring.

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