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601 movie reviews
  1. Minor moments of slapstick may tickle the kids, but anybody older, especially those who remember what Williams was like in his prime and how funny Stiller was just two “Museum” movies ago, will wish this tomb had stayed sealed.
  2. Still waters may run deep, as the old saying goes. But Beside Still Waters there’s nothing deeper than “The Big Chill.”
  3. A slight and somewhat demure romantic comedy/friendship comedy built around two mildly interesting characters.
  4. Take Care manages, more often than not, to rise to the level of pleasant time killer, a rom-com with just enough surprises to justify getting those New York filming permits.
  5. It’s no surprise that a Child of Mamet should have a clever way with a line and wicked sense of when to drop some tasty profanity. But Two-Bit Waltz is amateur theatrics committed to celluloid, a cast of “adorable” eccentrics performing scenes with the precious, remedial chapter titles.
  6. An indie comedy whose primary virtue is its cast, well-known actors who took small roles on a lark — a chance to play against “type.”
  7. Truth be told, I was never a fan of the first “Dumber,” but the stars made it endurable and convincingly stupid. Here, they’re sometimes funny, and sometimes just sad. They’re better than this, no matter how good they are at hiding the fact that they know it.
  8. As instantly forgettable as the pleasant but unremarkable tunes Miller, Sagal and assorted soundtrack artists sing during the film.
  9. There’s no reason the missionary-recruiter turned stalker idea couldn’t work. But this one doesn’t.
  10. Slow-witted and slowly paced, with characters kept at arm’s length, our biggest concern is not whether Ricky will indeed be Hit by Lightning, but whether anybody will find a spark of life in this corpse of a comedy.
  11. Whatever its intent, White Bird in a Blizzard misuses most everybody involved, especially the dazzling young star of “The Descendants,””The Fault in Our Stars” and “Divergent.”
  12. The Best of Me plays like the worst of Nicholas Sparks.
  13. A tragic quasi-musical that never quite finds its way.
  14. A bloated all-star melodrama with none of the lean, mean legalese of a John Grisham adaptation, it’s a showboat’s movie cast with a lot of actors each promised “a big, cool scene.”
  15. It’s inoffensive, unless you take umbrage at the idea that the only people who know not to steal are True Believers and all that keeps society from an instant meltdown are the Faithful.
  16. Color City is thin gruel, even by recent, weaker Pixar standards.
  17. Neeson is the rock anchoring all this, making the incredible at least passably credible as he lurches into the frame with his limping boxer’s gait. But you get the sense that he is no more “Taken” with this than we are.
  18. The resolution to this puzzle is so botched it’s insulting, as if they’re daring us to laugh at the notion that this is merely “the beginning.”
  19. In this not-even-faintly scary, rarely funny horror comedy, Smith is still sucking down big gulps of empty calories and hoping we’ll laugh at his belch.
  20. An odd, unpleasant 2011 thriller from Austria only now earning limited U.S. release. It’s a reminder of why so few filmmakers experiment with visual-only storytelling. It’s hard to pull off.
  21. Would No Good Deed have anything worth talking about without the Ray Rice sucker punch tie-in? Barely.
  22. A stylish, moody and atmospheric tale contorted into a young adult horror story, it never works up a decent fright.
  23. A musical mashup of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis biography and myth, The Identical plays like a failed faith-based “Inside Llewyn Davis.” And that’s the closest thing to a compliment it will get.
  24. It’s too bad the script lacks the sight gags or one-liners that could have made this good looking picture more animated.
  25. It’s more unpleasant than scary, and ever so slow in getting up to speed.
  26. The entire affair feels malnourished, under-rehearsed and starved of energy.
  27. A humorless, muddled, bloody and generally unpleasant thriller.
  28. As “found footage” horror movies go, The Possession of Michael King is more unpleasant than scary.
  29. "What's the worst that could happen?" The answer to that is, you could end up in a summer comedy that's barely funny enough to warrant — ahem — release in the summer.
  30. The best that can be said for “Step V” is that it has some sparkling moments of choreography, clever gimmicks as themes for the dance-offs and lovely costumes.

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