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  1. The Good Wife has endured, despite borderline ratings, because it handles the fundamentals so well. It needs to keep doing that.
  2. Madam Secretary starts off solidly, with an engaging performance by Téa Leoni as the secretary of state.
  3. Anyone who loves Batman, naturally, will be watching Gotham, and knowing the Batman world makes the show more fun. But it’s also surprisingly accessible to viewers who just like a good action-packed cop drama with a dry sense of humor. Up front, it looks like a bat-winner.
  4. The cast works well together. They just have to fight some implausible setups and jarring shifts from clever and poignant to sappy and slapstick. ... Even assuming the show can keep the cast sick enough to be in the hospital, but so not sick it just gets sad, it may be hard to sustain this story over a full season.
  5. Messing is most agreeable, hitting her comedy marks and credible as supercop.
  6. Some of this has been documented before. That doesn’t make it any less chilling.
  7. Deliverance Creek is what the TV biz calls a “backdoor pilot,” meaning that its real goal is for the story to continue as a weekly series. If it does, let’s hope it gets less murky.
  8. The Roosevelts doesn’t whitewash its subjects or make excuses for their missteps. It does admire them greatly, for their courage and vision.
  9. Creator Kurt Sutter has found fewer openings to lighten the show as the story has darkened, and that continues to be the case. Still, we want to know what’s going to happen, even if the odds of anything good are about the same as the odds of the show ever winning the Emmys it deserves.
  10. Much of the film is built on interviews with firefighters, and the conversations feel like conversation between professionals, not like a lecture to a group of outsiders.
  11. Sorting out the sins and sinners in the final eight episodes of Boardwalk Empire promises to be as intriguing as it will be intense.
  12. Even if you’ve never wondered how a movie comes about, The Chair makes the process feel almost cinematic.
  13. The production, and Brody, work hard to elevate Houdini’s routines to metaphor.
  14. There may not be a quiz, but without notes you’ll almost certainly miss some of the twists and clues. The eight-episode Intruders, based on the Michael Marshall Smith book, doesn’t fear the dense.
  15. Wizard Wars never comes across as a straight magic show, but more about how to assemble the pieces that add up to a magic show.
  16. [Martin's] got his own troubles, and at least up front they make for some engaging television.
  17. Everyone talks fast, suspecting that if they pause to breathe, someone else will jump in. But it’s not too chaotic, and most of The Approval Matrix comes off as a discussion actual people could really have.
  18. A lesson in how a sitcom can use fast-paced visuals, snappy music, antic editing and sexy fantasy sequences and still look tired.
  19. Karen Sisco, from the very first frame, is a stunner - and a keeper.
  20. It’s period drama, unfolding at a period pace. It’s Starz, so it’s got some skin. Whether you get hooked probably depends on how you like Claire. It’s hard not to.
  21. Cinemax originals have mostly been built on testosterone and skin. The Knick gives us a fuller and richer body.
  22. Tarzan isn't as horrifyingly awful as the WB's recent remake of another cultural icon, "The Lone Ranger," but few things are. Even so, it's asking a lot even to wait around [for Lucy] Lawless to show up...Fact is, this "Tarzan" series dies on the vine.
  23. Despite the fact we like many of the people involved, Marriage at First Sight mostly feels like a setup for the rest of us to rubberneck.
  24. Feels like a cross between a Hollywood writing assignment ("Write a version of 'The O.C.' in 80 pages or less, and don't forget to use a carnival as a backdrop like that show did") and a preachy "ABC Afterschool Special: The Next Generation." [7 Oct 2004]
    • New York Daily News
  25. But far too much of the show - a story about a wealthy hospital patron and her dog, for example - struggles far too obviously to convey a quality of eccentricity that in the end comes across simply as lame...Unless the show finds a way to maintain its quality when Braugher is not on screen, ABC's promos will remain half-true hype.
  26. The comedy dominates so much that the forcefully dramatic situations - when O'Toole's character explodes with a verbal or physical outburst, for example, or when they're put in physical jeopardy - seem woefully out of place, almost like spoofs. And even those don't seem to be taken seriously by the characters, so why should viewers react any differently? [26 Jul 2000]
    • New York Daily News
  27. Writing is woefully inconsistent. [4 Apr 2000]
    • New York Daily News
  28. Lots of fun. It's the TV equivalent of a good summer read light, unpredictable and highly entertaining.
  29. Despite the overload of information we’ve acquired about Nixon in the years since, the tapes still have the power to jar.
  30. While Jackson will feel some genuine hesitation and wariness about Grammer's pit-bull personality, it doesn’t feel yet like the chemistry between the actors has fully developed.

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