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  1. Hell on Wheels plays with big ideas about redemption, sin and forgiveness, so Cullen’s detour and the religious component of other subplots fit the show’s tone and direction. But at some point it would still be good for Cullen to get back into the track-and-crossties game.
  2. It has woven well-crafted murder dramas and, beyond that, given us wonderfully complex lead characters who go way beyond the light banter, gruff exterior and “will they/won’t they” tease of most TV cop teams.
  3. Writer/director Hugo Blick skillfully walks the hairline between a well-paced adventure thriller and a psychological study that gives us enough time to appreciate the nuances of the character we're watching.
  4. USA's The Dead Zone takes its concept and characters seriously, without any playful subtext or comic relief. So does Hall, who plays his character as David Janssen played "The Fugitive": rarely smiling, always nervous, and only occasionally believed by those around him. There is reason to believe, though, that this Dead Zone may be the real thing.
  5. Manhattan dramatizes with a little extra dab of soap, but generally quite engagingly life in the secret World War II compound where the country's most brilliant scientists were tasked with creating a superbomb before the bad guy could.
  6. Creator Timothy Sexton has woven this story with a master’s touch, making us care about the characters even as we fear for their lives. Or, for that matter, all our lives.
  7. The acting and special effects are equally unconvincing. The human beings in the story don't look remotely real, and the dinosaurs can't act. [27 Nov 2002]
    • New York Daily News
  8. Sharknado 2--a slightly better, more watchable movie than its predecessor. But let’s be clear here. As a movie, the original "Sharknado" made some PowerPoint presentations seem exciting.
  9. Up front, at least, the show too often feels like its fighting with itself.
  10. As drama, that new direction is interesting and may be darkly honest. It’s just unsettling, which will take some adjustment for viewers of a network that has rarely gone there.
  11. [The cast are] all quirky, setting up an endless stream of mix-and-match jokes that don’t seem interested in going much of anywhere.
  12. The Strain dramatizes the book series of the same name and creates a creepy, ominous mood that does it full justice.
  13. In the end, this Canadian import would be okay for a summer evening if there was more to like in the characters. There just isn’t.
  14. In the end, yes, of course, everyone loves each other. But by the time we get there, the only Swedish word that’s likely to remain lodged in our mind is “meatballs.”
  15. The show clearly plans to unveil the science fiction slowly, in some cases letting us come to certain realizations at the same time as the characters. This will rule out some casual viewers, because Extant is a show to which you must pay attention/--a task which, happily, the writing and acting make rather pleasant.
  16. It has a few naughty jokes, lots of good-looking youngsters, and is watchable family-entertainment. [17 Sep 2002]
    • New York Daily News
  17. No one in Chester’s Mill should ever get too confident, however, and in the first episode there’s some character transition.
  18. It’s worth watching even when it’s not easy.
  19. It’s a breath of fresh television air.
  20. This eight-episode series eventually moves to multiple dramas, from some of those gunshot victims to a nurse who loses her job. And thus it remains a “med” show, which is heartening news.
  21. Reckless feels like it was designed by a committee.
  22. While Taxi Brooklyn is an import, a low-cost summer rental, it has much of the lean, clean charm of, say, USA programs.
  23. Mystery Girls is silly, tongue-in-cheek fun where we’re all in on the gag. How long it can be sustained is the question. But for now, at the very least, it’s a much better look for Tori Spelling.
  24. The adventure is good, the characters are better than good, and the playful, often insulting repartee is someting you might hear from college buddies on holiday in Cabo. These Musketeers are worth a bite.
  25. If you can gulp hard and swallow the premise of Tyrant, you’ll find another hard, dark, intense FX drama about a world in which a lot of the normal rules don't seem to apply.
  26. It's not as novel or successful a concept as "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the HBO series from "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David. But based on the first two episodes, "Watching Ellie" is exponentially better, and more daring, than the derivative vehicles churned out by [Michael] Richards and [Jason] Alexander. [25 Feb 2002]
    • New York Daily News
  27. The change of format doesn't bring with it any sense of assurance. To amp up the canned laughter while simultaneously lowering the intelligence level of the humor isn't a recipe for success. [14 Apr 2003]
    • New York Daily News
  28. It doesn't have a style. It has lots of them: hip-hop MTV one minute, "NYPD Blue"-style hand-held confrontation the next, with a lot of stutter-step editing, loud soundtrack music and thuggish posturing the next. Because its premise bears such promise and because it boasts at least a trio of strong performers, "Platinum" is a particularly stinging disappointment. [14 Apr 2003]
    • New York Daily News
  29. So we’ve got our choice of apocalypses--and for fans of good, solid, action-packed summer TV escapism, that’s good.
  30. At times we're watching largely to see if there will be a clever turn in the writing. It would be better if we were more invested in the character drama.

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