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611 tv reviews
  1. Thanks to winning performances by Cameron, Chenoweth and others, it's a flick the family can sit down and enjoy.
  2. PBS goes deeper than Smithsonian [The Day the Bomb Dropped], partly because it’s a two-hour show, but also because it raises the thorny isue of whether that first bomb needed to be dropped at all.
  3. Touching, funny and smart.
  4. White People feels like it jumps around a lot. Much like America on the subject of race.
  5. The B-movie franchise’s third installment leaves a fishy taste behind. Even more than the first two.... While it’s still silly fun, you have to wonder if the whole concept--which was goofy and amusing and new two years ago--is getting, er, long in the tooth.
  6. Tut
    The soap keeps generating suds, while Kingsley plays it solemn and serious. Clearly, the producers started with the premise they could make this Tut anything they wanted. They just don’t seem to have ever decided exactly what that was.
  7. The songs aren’t all terrific, but like “Rescue Me” at its best, S&D&R&R succeeds both as wild, uncontrolled, absurdist comedy and touching, quiet personal drama.
  8. Neither The Jim Gaffigan Show or “Impastor” forget to be funny. Both shows have clever banter that makes us laugh.... [But] many scenes start to feel like setups.
  9. The plot contortions required to keep this going are straight out of a cartoon, and they threaten to take some otherwise nice characters with them.
  10. This four-hour documentary hits most of the right events. It just has trouble tying them together or, in some cases, figuring out what they will ultimately mean.
  11. Ray Donovan has picked up a couple of new guest stars and in the process picked up its game.
  12. There’s little action in Dates. It’s about language, verbal and nonverbal. When the words are this good, that’s enough.
  13. The Spoils Before Dying requires some time and in return offers some rewards.
  14. It’s still not a great show, but it’s better and just plain livelier than it was in its first run last summer.
  15. The Synths start to act in unexpected ways, and several ominous developments warn us that artificial intelligence must be controlled and directed. What stays with us about Humans, though, are the reminders of all the little ways things will change once we hand part of our lives over to robots.
  16. If you’re willing to suspend enough disbelief to enjoy Zoo, you will definitely think twice before ever again saying, “Here, kitty, kitty.”
  17. Happily, Scream maintains a sense of humor, reinforced with snappy, self-aware pop culture dialogue.
  18. Everybody has to work a little harder to find a story in this long-awaited sequel to Disney’s 2013 charmer Teen Beach Movie. And, like, so what? TB2 is crammed with catchy tunes, bright sunshine and a perpetually beaming cast of wholesome, winning kids.
  19. It’s a mildly interesting fantasy, but the story has too many holes to feel really compelling.
  20. Viewers can get depressed, infuriated or defensive. In the end, Requiem makes no overt political or ideological statement because it doesn’t have to. It’s about madness.
  21. Like all good sitcom characters, they sometimes drive us nuts. But we fall for them both and would like very much for this long shot to come in.
  22. Some of the comedy borders on dark slapstick. Some favors absurdity.
  23. Ballers won’t win the Super Bowl, but it’ll keep you watching.
  24. With cheating rock-star husbands, secrets and reporters everywhere, there’s no way we won’t see some soap splashing on this clean-cut, All-American story.
  25. Complications offers a fine ride.
  26. It’s still the kind of show that makes TV viewers reach for phrases like “golden age of television drama.”
  27. In the extended picture, it looks like season three might be playing a bit more with the larger concept of freedom--through the lens, naturally, of those who don’t have it.
  28. I love the idea of a superhero with a great big heart and a tiny little brain, and I love Patrick Warburton's fearless performance in the title role of this odd new live-action comedy.
  29. There’s nothing wrong with a warm rhapsody on the flowering of television. But when a TV series starts that way, it feels like it’s saying, “But first, a word about us.” And then we get to all the other stuff.
  30. Tonight's premiere looks a little bleak and proceeds a little predictably but this may well be due to the amount of exposition necessary to establish the world Carter and company will be exploring. [8 Oct 1999, p.144]
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