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  1. Jill and Vanessa aren’t discovering anything that “Real Housewives” watchers didn’t notice many episodes ago. Still, it’s reassuring to know the network that created the beast can also be amused at its underside.
  2. Power hits on all cylinders as it returns for its second season.
  3. The good news is, Beggars and Choosers has plenty of premise, and plenty of targets for satire. [18 June 1999, p.149]
    • New York Daily News
  4. If you're unfamiliar with the comic book and didn't see the movie, tonight's series premiere will go down easier if viewed with a mental attitude best described as "Just go with it."
  5. To its credit, The Whispers gets better by the end of the first episode. Unfortunately, it also shows signs of hurtling toward more complications than we need.
  6. It feels painted by the numbers.
  7. 3 AM doesn't pretend to have discovered people who live in the shadows and do things they don’t teach in school. What it does is poke into these lives, subtly examining the lines between the exhilaration of setting your own rules and wondering if that’s all there is.
  8. Aquarius sets up several subplots that are nicely turned, and as ’60s pieces go, it’s hardly the worst. It just doesn’t quite make you feel you’re there.
  9. In a lot of ways, 5th Grader is a daytime quiz show that’s moonlighting. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  10. Despite the best efforts of Nicole Kidman, who is operating way above the level of her material, this screwy fantasy nominally inspired by the lives of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier doesn’t even make for a good fairy tale.
  11. There’s doubtless some dramatic license here. No matter. It’s a classic campfire story, from a land that truly was the Wild West.
  12. The humor and language are rough and there's a constant sense of wariness about everything from IEDs to the loyalty of some locals.
  13. Bessie doesn’t poke into deep psychology. It’s more a snapshot of an impressive, self-made life--with a great soundtrack.
  14. Suspense-building requires walking a line, though. If you spend too long getting to the point, the bubble you’ve inflated starts to lose air. That’s close to happening a couple of times, which is too bad, because when we get to the reveals, we’d like to still really care.
  15. It's hard to classify Grace and Frankie except to say it’s splendid television.
  16. The series itself, though it has a stylized look and interesting set design, begins with a lethargic lack of wonder. [9 Oct 2002, p.87]
    • New York Daily News
  17. Me, I have enough fun just watching the show, thanks. Interactive is too much work. With so much going on in "Push, Nevada," I'm happy with active.
  18. It’s a show rife with bad decisions, though only people who can take several steps back are likely to find the humor. The characters themselves rarely run into much occasion for merriment.
  19. Black Scorpion is good bad - fun to watch as a tacky diversion. [5 Jan 2001, p.109]
    • New York Daily News
  20. There's a funny and disturbingly insightful tale in Showtime’s latest unorthodox comedy. Regrettably, it often disappears under a lava flow of vulgarity.
  21. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new weekly late-night talk show plays like a Flintstones vitamin. He wraps the real message in the kind of sweet packaging that makes viewers hardly notice they’re getting something that’s good for them.
  22. It’s beautifully filmed, with a measured pace and a priority on the performances.
  23. Matters are only getting more complicated and dangerous for Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and her sister clones as season three of Orphan Black gets under way. The consolation is that this is good for viewers, who get to enjoy watching the show skillfully weave ever more complex entanglements.
  24. As a television series, The Casual Vacancy stands on its own, but it has only a goblet’s worth of Potter magic.
  25. OK, if you don’t find awkward funny, you won’t get Veep. But terrific as Louis-Dreyfus is at playing a woman seemingly incapable of embarrassment, her large supporting cast also helps establish the show’s bizarre rhythm.
  26. The viewer simply has to accept that he knows where his comedy is going, and that while his standup has punch lines, the humor in his sketches often stems more from a cumulative impression than one-liners along the way.
  27. Unfortunately, Resident Advisors settles too often for familiar college hijinks and obvious sex gags that do nothing a hundred broadcast sitcoms haven’t already handled.
  28. Game of Thrones, partly because it’s as cold-blooded as its characters in treating personnel turnover as the natural order, seems to have little trouble keeping its pedal to the metal.
  29. The restless undertone that has permeated the show from the beginning does not abate as we start the final round of adventures and presumably get some idea where everyone will go after the cameras are turned off.
  30. With impressive clips and first-rate commentators like Hamill, Jonathan Schwartz, Terry Teachout and John Lahr, Gibney has explained why, like him or not, Sinatra mattered so much.

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