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  1. If you know Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita," you'll be unable to watch The Great Beauty without thinking about it. This gorgeous Italian movie, like its predecessor, balances pungent satire and a more melancholy mood in portraying the dissolute world of the upper crust in contemporary Rome.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    An excellent human-interest documentary that unlike so many others has a genuine appeal beyond someone already interested in the subject matter.
  2. This splatter film is set in Norway, but rest assured, it sticks with the formula. The young people to be killed off are just as obnoxious as their counterparts in American gorefests.
  3. This is grim material, but director Hilary Brougher -- working from her own script that won a Sundance award -- examines the lives of these two suffering women without sensationalism or preaching.
  4. Some nice performances and modest laughs highlight this amiable British comedy.
  5. A remarkable study of the corrosive effects of fear and power on an establishment insider who puts duty above all else.
  6. Besides some fine dogfight sequences, it often feels threadbare, just an exercise in recycling.
  7. A sobering documentary.
  8. Quiet, moving and beautifully shot.
  9. Leave it to Ron Howard to turn a plaintive Dr. Seuss ditty into a C-grade Tim Burton psychodrama.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  10. If I wanted a Nora Ephron cuddle-ganza, I'd rent one.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  11. Modestly better than last year's awful "End of Days," though it falls well short of Arnold's "Terminator" peak period.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  12. The journey's a kick.
  13. Little Nicky is but a meek gross-out cousin of "The Waterboy."
  14. Simply an endurance contest, one almost worth staying the 82 minutes to see who wins.
  15. Good-looking and empty.
  16. It's hard not to like a movie like Men of Honor, but it's entirely possible.
  17. As entertaining, charming and conceited as other Robert Redford joints, but it's also insufferably obvious.
  18. So phenomenal that Bill Murray can't even steal it. And he tries. So excellent that Murray's MTV progeny Tom Green can't sink it.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  19. An unsteady stab at noir.
  20. The welcome hints at emotional excess are compromised by the blunt force of the movie's political point-making.
  21. There's more gymnastic yammering in Loving Jezebel than in a season of "Dawson's Creek."
  22. Cult shocker has been turned into throwaway megaplex fodder.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  23. In 80 minutes, the film accumulates a staggering gravity.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  24. The ending is a disappointment, a perfunctory upbeat gesture.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  25. Classic in feel and loaded with sumptuous performances.
  26. Has no intention of taking a more sophisticated path to make its point.
  27. Feels like an interminable pilot for a show to fill that deadly 8:30 slot between "Friends" and "Will and Grace."
  28. There's the world-alteringly scary possibility that (Leder) might be trying to kill us with a star-studded "After School Special."
    • San Francisco Examiner
  29. A finely coiffed, cream-cheese "8 1/2" remix with Gere, a Marcello Mastroianni for Oprah Winfrey times.
    • San Francisco Examiner

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