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880 movie reviews
  1. The Flash is a passable multiverse superhero movie, but no amount of DC cameos can make audiences forget the awful off-screen actions of Ezra Miller.
  2. There are a few bright spots in Rise of the Beasts, but these are largely overshadowed by a lot of generic parts that would not be out of place in any of the previous six Transformers movies.
  3. Luckily, it’s as entertaining as it is insightful, using humorous undertones to highlight the dangerous personalities of those who offend. And thanks to that eccentric and campy score to match the tone of the story, Haynes’ latest has all the elements needed to confuse us as much as it entertains and educates, which takes us on a fascinating watching experience.
  4. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is phenomenal from start to finish, raising the stakes, emotion and heart with beautiful artistic animation.
  5. Kandahar won’t knock your socks off, but it offers a solid story that doesn’t try to be something it isn’t.
  6. If nothing else, it's best to walk into Sean Price Williams’ feature debut, The Sweet East, as a satire decorated with light political and human commentary and wild excitement that never lets up.
  7. Warwick Thornton’s feature tests faith and humanity in a way that will leave a lasting impression. It’s the kind of film that requires no stance from us, yet is fully capable of opening hearts and minds from a place of empathy and understanding.
  8. Sure, the script takes wild liberties that bear no resemblance to historical accuracies, but with Vikander and Law leading this wonderful ensemble, it’s a rather welcomed addition that will keep your eyes glued to the screen from start to finish.
  9. The film’s cast is great and, though the actors typically have great comedic timing, the dialogue falls flat and renders the humor inert. About My Father has a heart at its center, but it never really gets there in terms of having a compelling story and humor to elevate its scenes.
  10. Riddled with uncomfortable dialogue, audacious sequences, and a piercing score, Club Zero has all the ingredients to become a future cult classic. It’s for a great reason, too. The film contains a terrifying yet wonderful performance from Wasikowska, it includes brilliant commentary on the dangers of following blindly, and it provides great entertainment.
  11. Assassin Club has the benefit of starring a relatively well-known actor, but even Golding can't save this movie from its mediocrity. Any hope Assassin Club had of being good is squandered within the first ten minutes.
  12. Marshall has captured enough of the magic from the original to entertain longtime fans. Bailey's Ariel is one for the ages, and McCarthy is fantastic as Ursula. With these two ladies on board, The Little Mermaid is a genuine delight.
  13. The cast's chemistry really sells what transpires here and without that, it's hard to see the film working. Luckily, Brooklyn 45's disparate pieces come together to make for a wholly unique film that feels rare to come across these days.
  14. While Schrader's directing and the casts' performances are more than up to standard, Master Gardener somehow ends up being less than the sum of its parts.
  15. Knights of the Zodiac, despite its reasonably minor flaws, is fun.
  16. The exceptional camera work by Kore-eda and tender script from Yuji Sakamoto is a near-perfect pairing. Together, this dynamic duo created a great film that enabled the cast to put every ounce of emotion into their performances.
  17. The drama feels undercooked, and the characters barely escape one-dimensionality.
  18. The Mother is a lean, mean actioner, but one that could have benefited from better editing and a tighter script. That’s not to say that the film is terrible or unbearable by any means, it's just that it is a straightforward narrative that does not require a nearly two-hour run time to tell it right.
  19. Fast X is a breathless thrill ride that occasionally gets bogged down in melodramatic dialogue, but Jason Momoa's villain makes it a blast to watch.
  20. Johnny & Clyde is a chaotic, unamusing mess.
  21. The narrative of Monica is scant, but this makes way for a poignant examination of trans identity and loneliness through the lens of one family.
  22. It's full of fast-talking tech nerds and morally compromised corporate A-holes, it bites off a bit more than it can chew in telling the story of Research in Motion, but it's still a good time, reminiscent of mid-budget dramedies that have all but disappeared in recent years.
  23. The Book Club sequel will make you feel as though you’re reuniting with old friends for some wine and life lessons, and that’s enough.
  24. It’s a simple story about the power of pure determination and will, and it’s certain to leave you fully captivated from the minute lead actor Jorma Tommila appears onscreen.
  25. Ambitious ideas and stunning visuals do not make for a great film, but Millepied should consider following his instincts to fight for an all-dance musical for his next feature.
  26. Though the sparks could be brighter for its central couple, What's Love Got to Do with It? still has plenty of charm.
  27. It's a film that sneaks up on its audience, revealing layers to friendship and other intimate relationships that otherwise would not be parsed through if there wasn't the time.
  28. The Artifice Girl is engaging and compelling, bolstered by stellar performances from its cast, and exceeds where other AI-focused stories might falter.
  29. Clock showcases that Jacknow is a talent to watch in horror, though the film doesn’t stick the landing. Occasionally, the concept is stretched too thin, especially when the character work is lacking.
  30. Somewhere in Queens is ultimately a well-made family drama with laughs sparsely placed throughout. The cast is crushing it and the script is as gritty as it is sweet. Romano’s direction works well, and every department is on the same page.

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