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  1. George Miller combines myth, magic, and romance to mixed effect in a visually dazzling adult fairytale starring a committed Swinton and Elba.
  2. Atlantic cod and oyster beds provide a pungent backdrop for this effective fillet of atmospheric psychological drama.
  3. It’s a sensitive, sweet, frequently heartbreaking trip through deeply personal history, but there’s no getting round the fact that Gray had what most might consider a fairly typical childhood.
  4. One of the smartest zom-coms in recent memory gets a faithful French remake, but it's too well made to convince as the ultra-low budget schlock its aping.
  5. No cynicism, just on-point sentiment and scintillating set-pieces. Top Gun: Maverick scores a direct hit on its twin targets of nostalgia and adrenaline.
  6. Come for the wild ideas, stay for the warm wisdom in the Daniels’ heartfelt carnival of chaos. Yeoh aces every curveball.
  7. Men
    Garland’s bold, original version of what horror can be when it swaps tired old tropes for visceral, visionary thrills is an absolute game-changer.
  8. Despite a handful of high points and Raimi flourishes, Strange’s second solo film rarely feels like the best possible outcome of this confluence of director and character.
  9. Star power swings to the rescue of a breezy romantic adventure that sticks to charted territory. Tatum fans will go weak at the Nees’ use of their hero.
  10. A truly distinctive epic, blending brutal violence, powerhouse performances and otherworldly imagery into its volcanic rampage of revenge. Unmissable.
  11. Despite the well-honed wizarding credentials of Yates and co-scripters Steve Kloves and Rowling, the series still can’t seem to settle on a hero. Let’s hope that the prospective next two helpings can unravel whether it’s Newt’s beast-fuelled journey or Dumbledore’s quest with which we’re hitching a ride.
  12. After pretty much inventing the modern-day comedy drama, Judd Apatow here gets frivolous, to patchy effect.
  13. Morbius may be a living vampire, but this supervillain origin story is dead on arrival. A rote, lifeless and cynical attempt to expand Sony’s Spidey-Verse.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Despite some missteps, SEGA’s videogame mascot proves his previous movie was no flash in the pan.
  14. It’s a bonkers, ballistic, brain-numbing ride.
  15. Debut director Mimi Cave and screenwriter Lauren Kahn maintain a sure grip over the tonal shifts, ensuring the messages don’t drown out the entertainment factor.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Ripples in time create holes in the plot, but Reynolds and his younger self patch over the missing piece with incredibly watchable charisma.
  16. An intergenerational family drama, a search for self, and a big, bouncy comedy sure to entertain.
  17. A gripping, grimy and sensational street-level detective story, the Dark Knight’s triumphant return is exactly the fresh start needed after a decade of diminishing returns.
  18. With plenty of potential and a door swung wide open for a future sequel, Uncharted makes a decent play for filling an Indy-shaped hole in the movie market right now. But the series will need to beef up its reserves of charm and swagger to be in the same league as cinema’s favorite archaeologist.
  19. A glossy, undemanding confection that doesn’t make waves, but shouldn’t be given a wide berth either.
  20. Between hidden depths and dazzling surfaces, home truths and virtual wonders, Hosoda’s tale of teenage anguish, connectivity and emotional salvation enraptures.
  21. Jackass Forever has laughs and thrills and will goose your nostalgia, but it’s like a modern-day Rolling Stones gig – the hits are replayed but satisfaction is elusive.
  22. Here, the working-class milieu invites imagination, adventure, and camaraderie rather than a Ken Loach-style crushing of hope, while a climactic confrontation on divided streets is framed like a thrilling showdown in a black-hat-vs.-white-hat western. But it is the child’s- eye view, the wit, and the generosity of spirit on show that elevate Branagh’s Belfast.
  23. Cruel and elegant, del Toro’s nightmares remain worlds apart from the pack.
  24. The stalk ‘n’ slash sequences, though decent, can’t match Craven’s mastery of mood and mechanics, but the new guys understand that Scream movies are sick as well as slick.
  25. The cast commit, but The 355 is no lucky number for Kinberg, who only delivers diminished returns on spy-thriller genre conventions.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Forget what you think you know… The Matrix Resurrections is a twisty metanarrative anchored by a love story for the ages.
  26. A thoroughbred origin story and rollicking good adventure in one, led by an excellent Ralph Fiennes. It’s a hoot.
  27. Though delightful in places, the third entry in Sony’s third Spider-Man cycle feels both overstocked and underwhelming.

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