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  1. A solid if unexceptional sea movie whose brevity is welcome after the stodgy likes of "Midway." Hanks keeps the propellers churning.
  2. Even an axe-swinging Charlize Theron struggles to wallop much life – endless or otherwise - into Gina Prince-Bythewood’s comic-book riff, a derivative fantasy-actioner so laggy it puts you right off immortality.
  3. Do not throw away your shot at watching Hamilton’s original cast both make and recreate history. ‘Satisfied’? You will be.
  4. Love Eurovision? You'll love this. Never heard of Eurovision? You may find it all bewildering.
  5. Without the darkness or depth of the Harry Potter movies, Artemis Fowl fails to find an audience over 10 years old
  6. OK, so the ‘Nam firefights are more routine than we’d expect from Lee and the treasure hunt element almost feels it belongs to a different film, but this is a frequently fierce, fascinating picture. The world needs it right now.
  7. Pete Davidson lacks the charm to make an insufferable protagonist likeable.
  8. Set pieces play saviour in Netflix and Chris Hemworth's generic kidnap thriller.
  9. The odd spirited turn aside, this is a throwback to the bad old ’90s days of comic-book movies.
  10. A late fight scene is staged with verve, and Gilpin is good value in an underwritten role. But given the politically fractious times we live in, this inane satire is a colossal missed opportunity.
  11. With Moss’ brilliance in full view, Whannell’s taut exercise in suspense gives Universal’s monsters a jolt of life.
  12. The animation is spellbinding as Onward builds into a galloping adventure full of amusement, excitement and enchantment.
  13. The excessive CGI can be distracting, some performances veer towards caricature, but this is still a big-hearted take on London’s classic.
  14. A relic of the ’90s in more ways than one, Sonic offers frenetic fun for younger viewers, and in Jim Carrey’s preposterous Robotnik an enjoyable shot of nostalgia for adults.
  15. Bong has once more proved what an exciting filmmaker he is, and Parasite is strong contender for Oscar Best Picture.
  16. A bold, entertaining riot that captures the manic energy of its lead character and ushers in a gang you’ll want to join.
  17. Daniel Kaluuya is the motor for this lyrical but hard-hitting road-movie, fuelled by fury and frustration.
  18. Proves The Witch was no fluke. Dafoe and Pattinson dazzle in a luminous exercise in maritime madness.
    • 26 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    An uneasy combo of adventure film and gag-heavy kiddie-com, Dolittle fails to satisfy on either front.
  19. A Hidden Life is the most soulful war movie since "The Thin Red Line": elegiac, emotional and exquisitely shot. Malick’s back!
  20. Devastating and uplifting in equal measure, this emotionally draining film makes good on Shults’ early promise.
  21. Jamie Foxx is on awards-worthy form.
  22. Delivers as a Friday-night actioner, with some smart moves and good banter. Smith and Lawrence are on crackerjack form.
  23. Adam Sandler is off-the-scale good in the Safdies’ latest: a scuzzy shot of adrenaline into the crime pic’s heart.
  24. A lot of talented people have done their utmost to make Hooper’s vision succeed. Sadly, it doesn’t.
  25. Ritchie makes a solid return to his wheelhouse with a crime yarn that turns the air so blue you can swim in it.
  26. Tries to fit in so much it threatens to tear apart at the seams, but ultimately rises to the impossible occasion.
  27. Some of the vibrancy has worn off but this Rock-solid sequel has enough giggles and gasps to attract herds of viewers.
  28. Theron is gobsmackingly good as the real-life screen queen determined to unearth the victims of Fox News’ most powerful predator.
  29. Greta Gerwig’s warm, woke take on America’s classic girlhood novel takes liberties, but makes a tender, engrossing tale.

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