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  1. This disarming winner has you instantly rooting for basketball prodigy Cam Calloway (Jessie T. Usher).
  2. Somehow both literate and ludicrous, the fractured fable of the imperiled but resourceful Baudelaire children finds wit amid the weirdly grotesque. [16-29 Jan 2017, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  3. Once again, PBS delivers the goods--and while it may be too harrowing at times to describe as a bundle of joy, the heart-tugging Call the Midwife is a delight to watch.
  4. Witty and wacky--but emphasizing the wacky above all--this sharp-tongued, sweet-souled sitcom picks up without losing a (heart)beat.
  5. With harrowing bravado and lacerating wit, Benedict Cumberbatch instills an aching vulnerable core to the tortured hero of Edward St. Aubyn's five-novel series, stylishly adapted by writer David Nicholls and director Edward Berger. [14 - 27 May 2018, p.11]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  6. I’m just as tickled to have Project Runway back on any network, and the move to Lifetime, change of locale and long wait between seasons don’t appear to have dimmed its bitchy allure.
  7. This is the best new series, network or cable, of the midseason. An immediately addictive brew of action, suspense and wry humor, the show is grounded in Olyphant's low-key but high-impact star-making performance, the work of a confident and cunning leading man who's always good company.
  8. Critical without being overtly political, with stretches of boredom punctuated by the sudden chaos of firefights where it’s impossible to distinguish innocent bystanders from insurgents, Generation Kill is both timely and timeless.
  9. There is nothing heightened or cheapened by contrivance as the detectives and patrol cops go about their often sordid business.
  10. A traditionally funnier show, a distaff Louie. ... Adlon's sardonic sensibility is perfectly suited to a show that preaches female empowerment while delivering a blunt reality check. [5-18 Sep 2016, p.22]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  11. The Long Road Home stands above the pack as a truly heart-wrenching and often breathtakingly harrowing display of bravery, valor and sacrifice under fire. [30 Oct 2017 - 12 Nov 2017, p.13]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  12. The story takes wild, violent leaps amid myriad conspiracies, leading to a crazy, nail-biting climax that is both preposterous and wholly satisfying. Some binges feel like a slog. Bodyguard is more of a race, well worth the run. [15-28 Oct 2018, p.9]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  13. An infectiously enjoyable confection of outlandish telenovela-inspired soap opera (think Ugly Betty) grounded in lovably fractious family dynamics.
  14. The Good Fight is as sexy and profane as it wishes to be while retaining the crackling wit and smart sophistication of the original series. [27 Feb - 5 Mar 2017, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  15. I watched with an escalating sense of dread, but still was unprepared for the powerful twists along the way.
  16. Whether riffing on the show's past, unruly present ("re-piloting" as an act of reinvention) or unpredictable future, Abed is always hilariously self-aware of the TV and sitcom clichés Community excels in upending.
  17. Circus is a series with an abundance of life, and reality. If you decide to run away from the regular network fare to join this company for the next few weeks, can't say I blame you.
  18. A treat for the faithful.
  19. The grueling season premiere should satisfy anyone pining for graphic action, nerve-wracking suspense and unsparing savagery from all sides, including the incessant flow of zombie "walkers" who have upended civilization, exposing humanity at its most monstrous. (The episode will also help viewers understand how Terminus got so twisted, but as often happens in these morality plays, the theme is overstated at least one too many times.)
  20. The Walking Dead will leave you hungry for more.
  21. This dwarf [Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)] has game--and so does this fabulous dark fable. Dig in.
  22. No complaints from this corner after attending an advance screening a week ago of the gorgeously entertaining premiere.
  23. Everyone's ruthlessly cynical machinations can take on a wearying predictability if devoured hour after hour without a break.
  24. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel lives up to its billing with a wonderfully fresh attitude, lovingly capturing a conformist period vibe. [27 Nov - 10 Dec 2017, p.8]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  25. Archer, meanwhile, is all about the funny, and kicks off its fourth season of deranged spy parody.
  26. Netflix finally achieves its eureka moment with a terrifically entertaining piece of original programming that's truly and bracingly original.
  27. This could and should be the season when Orphan Black graduates from cult curiosity and is adopted by the pop culture at large as the watercooler sensation it deserves to be.
  28. [A] bleak, bold new adaptation. [30 Jan - 12 Feb 2017, p.19]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  29. The new setting and a fresh, swank look help restore energy and a sense of freakish fun to what had become a morose melodrama.
  30. ABC's Toy Story of Terror! is a delightful half-hour vignette of gags, action and self-empowerment, couching its never-give-up message in terrific non-stop entertainment.

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