• Network: HBO
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 14, 2003
Season #: 2, 1
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Generally favorable reviews - based on 28 Critic Reviews

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Universal acclaim- based on 71 Ratings

Summary: Carnivale. The credits alone were the most costly and timely to make. The show does not lack in the quality that the credits bring. Set in the 1930s Dust Bowl, 18-year old Ben Hawkins finds himself all alone in this world when his mother passes on. But a travelling Carnivale takes him in. We also see the story of Brother Justin, a priest who is trying to find his way in the world. Little do Ben and Justin know, but they are to fight in a biblical battle. With help on the side (Ben with the carnie folk (Sofie, Libby, Apollonia, Ruthie, Samson, Lila, Lodz, Management) and Justin with his sister, Iris) they find out which side each are on and try to battle with the other for what they believe.
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Network: HBO
Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Suspense
Creators: Daniel Knauf
Seasons: 2, 1
Cast Credit
John Savage Scudder
Patrick Bauchau Professor Lodz
Clancy Brown Brother Justin
Adrienne Barbeau Ruthie
Tim DeKay Clayton Jones
Debra Christofferson Lila
Toby Huss Stumpy Dreifuss
Ralph Waite Reverend Norman Belthus
Diane Salinger Apollonia
John Fleck Gecko
Robert Knepper Tommy Dolan
Clea DuVall Sofie
Brian Turk Gabriel
Cynthia Ettinger Rita Sue Dreifuss
Carla Gallo Libby Dreifuss
Michael J. Anderson Samson
Amy Madigan Iris Crowe
Nick Stahl Ben Hawkins
Blake Shields Osgood
Amanda Aday Dora Mae Dreifuss
Karyne Steben Alexandria
Sarah Steben Caladonia