Description: Dave's World is based on Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry's syndicated columns. Dave is a child of the '60s trying to survive in the '90s, confronting the absurdities of life - as husband, father and semi-responsible citizen. He muddles through with the help of his wife, Beth, who's weary of being the responsible one; sons Tommy, 12, and Willie, 8; his college buddies, Kenny, whose claim to fame is that he records books-on-tape, and Shel, an overworked plastic surgeon who is still bitter over his not-so-recent divorce. Adding to their hectic lives is Mia, Dave's bubbly assistant who just moved in next door with her husband-to-be, Eric, the Barry's jack-of-all-trades handyman. The "framing device" for each episode is Dave at work on his newspaper column. The episode then illustrates his inspiration for the column. The theme song was a version of "You May Be Right" sung by Southside Johnny.


Production Company:
  • The Producers Entertainment Group Ltd.
  • Axelrod-Widdoes Productions
  • CBS Productions
  • Kitten in the Oven Productions
  • Verbatim Productions
Initial Release Date: Sep 20, 1993
Number of seasons: 4 Seasons
Rating: TV-14
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