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doctor_whomSep 12, 2020
This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Doctor Who, the televised run from 1963 - 1989, commonly referred to as the "Classic" series, has a number of excellent stories and a number of awful ones. Almost every story, of which all except one are made up of multiple parts, can be categorised into three distinct qualities:


All Right


There are some exceptions, of course, but on the whole, the majority of the stories are All Right. If you watch this programme, keep in mind that it may take a number of years. The first few series are all right, but some episodes (Galaxy 4, 4 example) have such bad effects and resort to still images to tell the story. I knew the budget was low but that really was a bit of a bummer. Watching photographs!? I thought this was about moving pictures!

After three and a bit series, the Doctor, William Hartnell, is replaced by continuously extraneous actors, brought on to replace him. As if no viewer would notice! Troughton was obviously far different, with hair of hues beyond white, but rather the opposite (black). He was all right but again, still images crop up in his stories.

The third Doc' was quite all right, mostly, not very interesting.

Fourth was OK, he started well and generally maintained a consistent quality.

Fifth was absolutely splendid.

Sixth was mostly rubbish, but what can you expect? By now, clearly Verity Lambert (the producer) was getting on a bit. In fact, she kept changing her name, to remain anonymous. By now, she went by the mysterious initials "JNT", which I am lead to believe stands for "John Nathan-Turner". I thought that was a bus in Brighton...

Sylvester was the real McCoy, he was great, apart from his first story.

Over the twenty-six series of Doctor Who, most of them were all right, but, let's just simplify it down:

1 - 4: Good
5 - 6: All Right
7 - 10: Excellent
11: All Right
12 - 14: Amazing
15: Rubbish
16 - 18: Really Good
19 - 21: Mostly Great
22 - 24: Bad? No, it's disastrous!
25 - 26: Rather good

So, if you intend to trek through Dr. Who, here are some stories I recommend:

The Celestial Toymaker
The Web Planet
Galaxy 4
The Space Prats
The Curse of Peladon
The Monster of Peladon
Genesis of the Daleks
The Invasion of Time
The Sixth Doctor
Time and the Rani

I absolutely, whole-heartedly recommend you avoid those stories, in that order.
Compared to the "Modern", or, "Revived" series, this classic lot is usually far from classical. Most of it is tired humour, running up and down corridors, getting locked up twice an episode, characters reduced to "What, Doctor?", silly monsters, cliched, all that. In conclusion, it could have been a lot better. It could have been slightly better written, especially the fourth part of "Planet of Giants". Nevertheless as a fan I have to praise it, so, yes, Doctor Who is completely brilliant and must fore'er and e'er be adored, amen. That's my review. :) (Adric dies)
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