Thursday 20th November

EastEnders: Season 18: Episode 47

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Thursday 20th November

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BBC-1 | BBC | Air Date: November 20, 2003
Starring: Gary Powell, Wendy Richard, Louise Jameson, Andrew Johnson, Shirley Cheriton, John Bowler, Roberta Taylor, Susan Tully, Lucy Speed, Michael Higgs, Steven Hartley, Raji James, Russell Floyd, Todd Carty, Gillian Taylforth, Stella Tanner, Marcia Ashton, David Roper, Anita Dobson, Nejdet Salih, Sandy Ratcliff, Matilda Ziegler, Michael Cashman, Gary Hailes, Sally Sagoe, Ross Davidson, Judith Jacob, Shreela Ghosh, Anna Wing, Gary McDonald (II), Linda Davidson, Paul J. Medford, Oscar James, Adam Woodyatt, June Brown, Pam St. Clement, Sid Owen, Charlie Brooks, Steve McFadden, Barbara Windsor, Lindsey Coulson, Patsy Palmer, Casey Anne Rothery, Joseph Shade, John Bardon, Perry Fenwick, Nathaniel Gleed, Derek Martin, Laila Morse, Rudolph Walker, Cliff Parisi, Shane Richie, Jessie Wallace, Gavin Richards, Nick Berry, Ian Lavender, Jill Halfpenny, Michael French, Paul Bradley, Sean Gleeson, Nicole Arumugam, Carli Norris, Jacqueline Leonard, Sudha Bhuchar, Ross Kemp, Nicola Duffett, Lucy Benjamin, Gemma Bissix, Sean Maguire, Tamzin Outhwaite, Christopher Parker, Letitia Dean, Natalie Cassidy, Ricky Groves, Ronny Jhutti, Joe Absolom, Martin Kemp, Michelle Gayle, Ivan Kaye, Marc Bannerman, Louise Plowright, Michael Greco, Nigel Harman, Hannah Waterman, Kacey Ainsworth, Michelle Ryan, Paul Nicholls, Nadia Sawalha, Jimi Mistry, Martine McCutcheon, Michelle Collins, Kim Medcalf, Nicola Stapleton, Joe Swash, Michelle Joseph, Pooja Shah, Troy Titus-Adams, Shobu Kapoor, Doug Allen, Michael Attwell, Leslie Schofield, Tony Caunter, Leslie Grantham, Ian Reddington, Gretchen Franklin, Leonard Fenton, Carol Harrison, Bill Treacher, John Altman, Jane How, Brian Croucher, Peter Dean, Michael Melia, Forbes Masson, John Hallam, Gary Beadle, Sophie Langham, Debbie Arnold, Paul Moriarty, Tommy Eytle, Carly Hillman, Harry Landis, Mike Reid, Rani Singh, Angela Wynter, Tilly Vosburgh, Race Davies, Barbara Keogh, Jamila Massey, Ann Mitchell, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Richard Driscoll, Hilda Braid, Leon Lissek, Richard Vanstone, Jacqui Gordon-Lawrence, Joseph Kpobie, Steve Nicolson, Christopher McHallem, Robyn Moore, Mona Hammond, Alex Ferns, Danniella Westbrook, Nisha Kapur, Mohammed George, Elaine Lordan, Brooke Kinsella, Leanne Lakey, Elizabeth Kelly, Susan George, Mark Monero, Leila Birch, Melanie Clark-Pullen, Caroline Paterson, Steven Woodcock, Clare Wilkie, James Alexandrou, Andrew Lynford, Mark Homer, Craig Fairbrass, Dean Gaffney, Shaun Williamson, Jack Ryder, Sophie Lawrence, William Boyde, Ameet Chana, Nicholas R. Bailey, Victoria Gould, Elizabeth Power, Ray Panthaki, Corinne Skinner-Carter, Joan Hooley, Susanna Dawson, Jan Graveson, Bindya Solanki, Colm O'Maonlai, Krystle Williams, Edward Savage, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Ashvin Luximon, Paula Jennings, Howard Antony, Deborah Sheridan Taylor, Sylvester Williams, Christopher Hancock, Gemma McCluskie, Desune Coleman, Richard Elis, Deepak Verma, Syan Blake, Leroy Golding, Garey Bridges, Aftab Sachak, Mark Thrippleton, Phil McDermott, Kathryn Apanowicz, Delanie Forbes, Pat Coombs, Scarlett Johnson, Frankie FitzGerald, Dalip Tahil, Nabil Elouahabi, Jacquetta May
Summary: Patrick receives a final reminder in the mail. He's short of cash, and even Yolande's declaration of love fails to perk him up. Victor lurks around to remind Patrick that his offer is still on - ten grand to dump Yolande. Victor raises his offer to £15,000. He boasts that he's loaded. Patrick is seriously tempted when he slaps a wad ofPatrick receives a final reminder in the mail. He's short of cash, and even Yolande's declaration of love fails to perk him up. Victor lurks around to remind Patrick that his offer is still on - ten grand to dump Yolande. Victor raises his offer to £15,000. He boasts that he's loaded. Patrick is seriously tempted when he slaps a wad of notes on the table. Paul advises him to grab the lolly and wave goodbye to Yolande. Victor leaves Patrick wrestling with his conscience. He finds Yolande and sows the seeds of doubt in her mind. He claims that Patrick asked him for money. What kind of man would sell his woman for fifteen grand? Victor announces that he's lost the battle, but Patrick might as well keep the money. Yolande catches Patrick with a bag of notes. He swears he was set up. She rages at both men and takes the cash as her alimony. Sharon quizzes Dennis about the contents of the case. He swears that it was entirely innocent. There were just some old photos that Den had borrowed off Phil. Sharon's not convinced by his explanation. Den promises Phil that he's found the ideal person for the job. Phil's horrified when Dennis sits down and grins at him. Phil splutters that there's no way he's going to work with Dennis. He'll find someone himself. Sharon opens Den's briefcase. The evidence has gone, but she's still suspicious. She probes Dennis again. He pretends that Den was holding some gear for Phil. He assures her that nothing dodgy is going on. Den piles the pressure on Phil. Finally, Phil relents and allows Dennis in on the deal. He warns him not to mess things up. Sharon enters the Vic and sees the three of them sitting together, as thick as thieves. Shirley and Ash are getting down to it when her phone rings. He urges her to ignore it, but she answers. It's Dan! He asks her out to dinner that night. Shirley's flustered and agrees. Ash can't believe it. Ash urges Shirley to give Dan the elbow. She follows his advice and lets Dan down. He returns home and bins the chocolates that he bought her. However, he mentions to Ash that he enjoys a challenge! Garry's worried. He's bragged about his conquests to Ricky, who's sure he'll get found out. Lynne stops by to look for a lost earring. Garry decides that she's the one for him, but she prefers him as her bit on the side! Belinda finds Lynne's earring in the Arches. She accuses him of sleeping with Lynne as well as her! Garry's sorry and moans that he only wants his wife back. Belinda storms out and warns Garry's that he's in trouble. Kat welcomes Nana home - she jokes that she's only marrying Alfie so that she can see more of her. Alfie wants to buy Kat a flash engagement ring. Little Mo advises him that she'd prefer something simple. Expand
Genre(s): Drama
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