• Network: WOWOW
  • Series Premiere Date: Feb 25, 2006
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Summary: Humans and androids called Autoreivs live together in a Utopian society devoid of emotion, within a giant domed city known as Romdo. A mysterious virus called Cogito, which infects the Autoreiv inhabitants, causes them to exhibit emotions and personalities, which wreaks havoc on the idyllic and peaceful society. Police inspectors Re-l Mayer and Vincent Law are called in to investigate a series of killings, which lead them to an encounter with a monstrous creature called a Proxy. Japanese Show Title エルゴプラクシー (Erugo Purakushiī) Opening Theme "Kiri" by Monoral Closing Theme "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead

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Network: WOWOW
Genre(s): Animation, Fantasy, Suspense, Science Fiction
Seasons: 1
Cast Credit
Kirsten Potter Kristeva
Megan Hollingshead Re-L Mayer
Akiko Yajima Pino (Japanese)
Houko Kuwashima Kristeva (Japanese)
Sanae Kobayashi Daedalus Yumeno (Japanese)
Kouji Yusa Vincent Law (Japanese)
Liam O'Brien (V) Vincent Law
Yuri Lowenthal Daedalus Yumeno
Patrick Seitz Raul Creed
Travis Willingham Iggy
Rachel Hirschfeld Pino
Hikaru Hanada Raul Creed (Japanese)
Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi Iggy (Japanese)
Rie Saitou Re-L Mayer (Japanese)