WB | The WB | Netflix | Release Date: October 5, 2000
Generally favorable reviews based on 55 Critic Reviews
TV Guide MagazineMatt RoushNov 17, 2016
Season 8 Review: Effortlessly shifting gears from screwball whimsy to bittersweet romance to lacerating multigenerational family conflict, the new/old Gilmore Girls is almost ridiculously satisfying. [21 Nov 2016 - 4 Dec 2016, p.18]
Deseret NewsScott D. PierceJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: A wonderful hour that's fresh and funny. [4 Oct 2000, p.C08]
Newark Star-LedgerAlan SepinwallJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: Nothing short of a TV miracle: a family show that's sweet, but not too syrupy, bitingly funny, but not mean-spirited and fun for viewers of all ages, without appealing to the blandest common denominator. [5 Oct 2000, p.37]
St. Louis Post-DispatchGail PenningtonJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: Insightful, intelligent and very, very funny, the WB's Gilmore Girls is the best not-quite-drama, not-quite-comedy of the new television season. [5 Oct 2000, p.F6]
NewsdayDiane WertsJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: Hip, clever and hilarious...A sparkling little character study, quirky comedy, relationship drama and all-around delight. [5 Oct 2000, p.B43]
Miami HeraldTerry JacksonJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: Gilmore Girls is by far the most entertaining comedy-drama on the fall schedule and it should appeal to both The WB's core teenage audience and their parents; it doesn't talk down to either side of the age divide. [5 Oct 2000, p.1E]
The Hollywood ReporterRay RichmondJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: Gilmore Girls is a genuine gem in the making, a family-friendly hour burdened by neither trite cliche nor precocious pablum. It is as fresh and real as "Dawson's Creek" is stale and contrived. In the process, it re-energizes the 8 o'clock hour with a bracing burst of heart. [5 Oct 2000]
Houston ChronicleAnn HodgesJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: Gilmore Girls has got something - maybe just what it takes to grow on you. [5 Oct 2000, p.4]
Kansas City StarAaron BarnhartJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: I liked this show immediately...A delightful, well-designed show from start to finish. [5 Oct 2000, p.E1]
Baltimore SunDavid ZurawikJun 6, 2013
Season 1 Review: One of the most pleasant surprises of the new season. [5 Oct 2000, p.1E]
New York PostAdam BuckmanJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: Where most of the new shows I've been forced to sit through lately do just about everything wrong, Gilmore Girls gets most of the fundamentals right, especially the acting and writing. [5 Oct 2000, p.95]
San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa TimesChuck BarneyJun 6, 2013
Season 1 Review: Gilmore Girls is brimming with fine performances all around, but the keys, of course, are its two leads. The appealing Graham has endured her share of TV flops ("Townies," "MYOB" and "Conrad Bloom"), but now she appears to have the kind of material that will allow her comic talents to shine. Meanwhile, Bledel is a promising newcomer with an intriguing round face, expressive eyes and a gift for deadpan retorts. [5 Oct 2000, p.D01]
Seattle Post-IntelligencerJohn LevesqueJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: At times tonight, The WB's new Gilmore Girls will be well worth watching, easily the most arresting show of the young season. At other moments, it will make you wince at its unrelenting cuteness, an overeager poseur trying hard to impress. Please be patient. Next week's episode tempers the sweet with a little more savory, achieving a charming balance that promises to fill our Thursday nights this fall with an achingly on-point homage to mother-daughter relationships. [5 Oct 2000, p.E1]
Los Angeles TimesHoward RosenbergJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: An amusing, highly promising light drama from the WB about mother-daughter bonding that is tender, warm and loving in a natural way without heaping on the schmaltz. [4 Oct 2000, p.F1]
Pittsburgh Post-GazetteRob OwenJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: It's edgier than "7th Heaven," but not so edgy that parents will be turned off. It also expands the definition of a family and realistically shows the complexity of intergenerational relationships. [5 Oct 2000, p.D-6]
Orlando SentinelHal BoedekerJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: The comedy is diverting enough, but the poignant drama makes Gilmore Girls special. This series may not fit conventional expectations for family drama, but the show succeeds on that turf anyway. Isn't that what television desperately needs: more family programming? [5 Oct 2000, p.E1]
USA TodayRobert BiancoJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: That's a lot of eccentricity for one hour, but Gilmore Girls never loses its even, humorous keel or its unforced warmth. There are clever lines, to be sure (Michel, ignoring Lorelai: "To me, you are the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons"), but they seldom turn nasty and never seem out of character. [5 Oct 2000, p.1D]
New York Daily NewsEric MinkJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: Gilmore Girls occasionally feels a bit too glib for its own good, with pacing sometimes a tad frantic for a one-hour family drama. Those quibbles aside, it's a welcome addition to prime time, and one of the best of this fall's crop of new series. [4 Oct 2000, p.100]
VarietyLaura FriesJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: Works a little too hard to be everything to everyone. However, beyond the carefully calculated diversity of the pilot lies a pleasant and heartwarming series that may bridge the generation gap at the WB. It's still a chick show, but at least Gilmore Girls could attract women well past the N' Sync phase. [4 Oct 2000, p.7]
Arizona RepublicBill GoodykoontzJun 6, 2013
Season 1 Review: Gilmore Girls tries to be edgy, but at its core it's -- there's just noother word -- sweet. It's nothing groundbreaking. [5 Oct 2000, p.1E]
Washington PostMegan RosenfieldJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: One of those "almost" shows--almost funny, almost interesting and almost family-friendly. There is potential here, particularly in the mother-daughter relationship between 32-year-old Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and 16-year-old Rory (Alexis Bledel), who could develop a real bond if they'd stop zinging one-liners for a few minutes. And if they can't stop the quips, maybe they could just speak more slowly so the audience can understand what they're saying. [5 Oct 2000, p.C07]
Boston HeraldMonica CollinsJun 6, 2013
Season 1 Review: The TV mom has changed - from out-of-touch authority figure to giggling girlfriend. This WB series attempts to depict a thoroughly modern single parent-child relationship. Yet, there's a sense this type of chumminess could only happen on TV. [5 Oct 2000, p.48]
San Diego Union-TribuneRobert P. LaurenceJun 10, 2013
Season 1 Review: There's a lot going on with Gilmore Girls, and once the writers can sort it all out, they might find an interesting series in there somewhere. [5 Oct 2000, p.E-9]