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Lillie: Going On The Stage
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PBS | ITV1 | Season Premiere Date: November 30, -0001
Summary: This series is one of the beloved highlights of the historical dramas produced in England in the 1970's. Adapted from the book "The Prince and the Lily" by James Brough, it follows the life of Lillie Langtry from her youth, growing up on the provincial channel island of Jersey, through her meteoric rise in both the artistic and high societyThis series is one of the beloved highlights of the historical dramas produced in England in the 1970's. Adapted from the book "The Prince and the Lily" by James Brough, it follows the life of Lillie Langtry from her youth, growing up on the provincial channel island of Jersey, through her meteoric rise in both the artistic and high society circles of Victorian London. While trapped in a loveless marriage, she takes full advantage of her beauty and wits, attracting admirers as diverse as the Prince of Wales and Oscar Wilde.

She even achieves a place unique among paramours of the aristocracy as she is officially recognized as a Royal Consort and is received by Queen Victoria.
Later she embarks upon a career as an actress winning acclaim in Britain and the United States. Throughout her life she attracts a variety of lovers, endures financial ruin and scandal, yet through it all, she continues to bounce back , while maintaining her stength of character and elegance until the end of her life.
Memorable Quotes

1. Oscar Wilde: The camera, you know, will never capture you. Photography, in my experience, has the miraculous power of transferring wine into water.

2. J. M. Whistler: Nowadays, people are preoccupied with reality. They want to see every leaf on the tree, every hair on the dog's tail. That's not art, that's illustration.

3. Oscar Wilde: Oh, my dear, one day you and I will commit a great folly.

4. Oscar Wilde: "the love that dare not speak its name", in this century, is such a great affection of an elder for a younger man, as there was between David and Jonathan, such as Plato made the very basis of his philosophy. It is that deep affection that is as pure as it is perfect. It dictates and pervades great works of art, like those of Shakespeare and Michaelangelo, and those two letters of mine, such as they are. It is in this century misunderstood, and on account of it am I placed where I am now. It is beautiful. It is fine. It is the noblest form of affection. There is nothing unnatural about it. It is intellectual and it repeatedly exists between an elder and a younger man when the elder has intellect and the younger man all the joy, hope, and glamour of life before him. That it should be so the world does not understand. The world mocks at it and puts one in the pillory for it.

5. [Oscar Wilde is carrying a lily.]
Oscar Wilde: I could only afford one bloom, and I told them it had to be the most perfect in all Covent Garden, as it was for you.
Lillie Langtry: And you carried all the way here?
Oscar Wilde: All the way on foot, and I hate walking. It was like a royal progress. As I passed down the Strand, I heard one pompous gentleman say loudly enough for all to hear, "There goes that bloody fool, Oscar Wilde." I bowed to him and said, "I am carrying this to Mrs. Langtry. Would you not gladly exchange places?"
Lillie Langtry: [laughing] One day they'll send a doctor to certify you.
Oscar Wilde: The only thing certifiable about me is my genius.

6. Oscar Wilde: Do you remember, Lillie? Once I said that one day you and I would commit a great folly. It was I who did by not leaving my heart in your keeping.

7. Oscar Wilde: The truth is that I really do love you, yet it is the curse of my nature that I can desire but not possess beauty. It must always be just out of reach. I've wept for you and for myself.
Lillie Langtry: If you let me, I would show you I'm more real than the goddess you imagine.
Oscar Wilde: That is the one truth that I am frightened of.

8. Lord Rosslyn: When you two talk together, do you always talk about nothing but art?
Oscar Wilde: Of course not, Lord Rosslyn. When Jimmy and I are together, we never talk about anything exept ourselves.
J. M. Whistler: Oh no, you forget, dear Oscar, when you and I are together, we never talk about anything except me.
Oscar Wilde: That's true, Jimmy. We do talk about you, but I think about myself.
Production Companies
* London Weekend Television (LWT)

* Independent Television (ITV)
* Masterpiece Theatre
* Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

BAFTA Awards -- 1979

Won -- Best Actress -- Francesca Annis
[Also for The Comedy of Errors (1978/I) (TV)]

Won -- Best Make Up -- Pauline Green, Lynda Bayne

Nominated -- Best Costume Design -- Frances Tempest, Linda Matlock Nominated -- Best Design -- Bryan Bagge, Richard Dunn, Roger Hall Nominated -- Best Drama Series/Serial -- Jack Williams Nominated -- Best Sound Supervisor -- Bob Pell, Paul Faraday Nominated -- Best TV Cameraman -- Derek Doe Nominated -- Best Television Lighting -- Bert Wilkins, Colin Innes-Hopkins Nominated -- Best VTR Editor -- Geoff Beames, Graham Roberts --------------------------------------------- Release dates USA -- 11 March 1978 UK -- 24 September 1978 Belgium -- 20 November 1978 Netherlands -- 21 December 1978 Sweden -- 21 July 1980 =============================== CREW: Directed by John Gorrie Christopher Hodson Tony Wharmby Writing credits (in alphabetical order) James Brough (novel The Prince and The Lily) David Butler John Gorrie Produced by Tony Wharmby .... executive producer Jack Williams .... producer Original Music by Joseph Horovitz Film Editing by Guy Crump Richard Key Casting by Anthony Arnell Production Design by Bryan Bagge Richard Dunn Roger Hall Art Direction by James Dillon Costume Design by Linda Mattock Frances Tempest Makeup Department Lynda Bayne .... makeup artist Pauline Green .... makeup artist Production Management Myra Hersh .... production manager Mike McLoughlin .... production manager Art Department Terry Griffiths .... graphics Rosy Guest .... graphics Philip Meninsky .... artist: drawings of Lillie in the style of Frank Miles Sound Department Don Chapman .... sound supervisor Bill Cross .... sound Paul Faraday .... sound supervisor Keith Green .... sound supervisor Alan Mills .... sound Other crew Lees Borland .... stage manager David Butler .... series developer Eric Cooper .... floor manager Hillary Coote .... researcher Derek Doe .... senior cameraman Michael Elliott .... vision mixer Anne Gurney .... vision mixer Bill Hetterley .... stage manager Mike Humphreys .... camera operator Colin Innes-Hopkins .... lighting director Glen Jennings .... vision controller Pat Morgan .... production assistant Barry Noakes .... camera operator Frank Parker .... vision controller Jill Powell .... production assistant Lee Rowe .... program associate Tony Russell .... still photographer Mike Smith .... series idea Ian Stanley .... senior cameraman Geraldine Stephenson .... choreographer Bert Wilkins .... lighting director Alan Woolfson .... location supervisor
Genre(s): Drama
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