Mental: Episode 1 Tease Trailer

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Mental: Episode 1 Tease

Description: This is the first co-production of Fox International Channels (FIC) and Fox Television Studios (FtvS). It's also the first U.S. English-language drama to be shot by Fox Telecolombia in Bogotá, Colombia. Mental is a drama that explores the complexity of the human brain like never seen before. Every week there is a different patient with a different crisis. Every crisis is a mystery, a confusion, or even a wrong diagnosis from other doctors. Originally from the UK, Jack Gallagher is a compulsive traveler who has taken a position as the director of a psychiatric hospital in L.A. to be in the same city as his twin sister. Fascinated with the power of the human brain since he was a child, Jack approaches psychiatry with unorthodox treatments and slightly unusual methods for the sake of his patients' mental health. He is overseen by Nora, the department administrator who is also his ex-lover. For Jack, each case is like a puzzle. Jack has the ability to see what his patients have in their heads, to see the world as they do and give them a perspective on their own worlds. Unfortunately, some of his colleagues don't agree with his methods, and they will do anything to get him out of the clinic. Day after day he fights against his sister's schizophrenia, afraid he'll end up as one more victim of this serious mental illness. He is ready to break some rules for the well-being of his patients. For him the most important thing is to get into the mind of his patients, seeing reality as they do and make them understand that the doctors are a part of their recovery. Jack thinks that doctors and patients have much more in common than they are ready to recognize.

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