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The Real Gilligan's Island: Season 1: Episode 7

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Episode 107

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TBS | Air Date: December 21, 2004
Summary: As the season finale of The Real Gilligan's Island continues, Gilligan Chris and Mary Ann Kate clash over the vote at Voodoo Village the previous night. Gilligan Chris believes that Mary Ann Kate made the wrong decision, keeping one of their strongest competitors in the game, but Mary Ann believes she held true to her integrity and made theAs the season finale of The Real Gilligan's Island continues, Gilligan Chris and Mary Ann Kate clash over the vote at Voodoo Village the previous night. Gilligan Chris believes that Mary Ann Kate made the wrong decision, keeping one of their strongest competitors in the game, but Mary Ann believes she held true to her integrity and made the decision that was best for her. In spite of this, however, the two of them realize that they are the ones who need one another the most in the competition and that they must find a way to stick together.

On the other hand, the Stearns continue their manipulative scheming, and force Mary Ann Kate into a position where she has to choose between two different alliances: the alliance she has with the Stearns, and with the promise she made with Gilligan Chris to take him to the final two. The Stearns will stop at nothing to turn Mary Ann Kate on Gilligan Chris, and to use her in getting themselves to the final two.

That morning, the castaways are informed that they will once again head to the lagoon for their final safety competition. The castaway who wins this safety competition will automatically win a place in the final three, who will go on to compete in the rescue competition.

The contestants are informed that their next challenge will be about observation skills and stamina. They will be asked a series of questions about each of their fellow castaways; if they answer correctly, they stay in place, but if they answer incorrectly, they are forced to move forward on their planks, which get thinner and thinner as they move along, meaning they will have to rely on their balance to keep from falling into the lagoon below, thus being eliminated from the challenge.

Each contestant does equally as well as the next and brings forth their best game, but Gilligan Chris, who answered the most questions incorrectly and who had the most difficulty keeping his balance, was the first to go. Mr. Stearns was next and fell off at the next to last board of his plank. The competition was then down to Mary Ann Kate and Mrs. Stearns, who were then asked to move to the tip of their planks, where they would duke it out in a battle of balance. The two of them held strong for half an hour, until Mary Ann Kate, in a desperate attempt to gain immunity, made a pact with Mrs. Stearns to help her make it into the final three if she let her win the challenge; and thus she did!

That night, before heading to Voodoo Village, accusations fly and everyone is on edge before the final vote takes place. Mr. Stearns pressures Mary Ann Kate into voting with he and his wife against Gilligan Chris, while Gilligan Chris makes every attempt to convince Mary Ann to vote against the Stearns. Torn, and unsure who to align herself with, Mary Ann Kate finds comfort in Mrs. Stearns, who tells Mary Ann Kate to vote for her, so that she doesn't have to choose between Mr. Stearns or Gilligan Chris, keeping her true to her word of not voting for either of them.

At Voodoo Village, all votes go ahead as planned. Mary Ann Kate takes the safe route out and votes for Mrs. Stearns, while Mr. and Mrs. Stearns themselves vote for Gilligan Chris, who takes it upon himself to try to eliminate Mr. Stearns. Despite the fact that he played a tough game and did his best to stay in the competition, it was Gilligan Chris who was banished to the other side of the island that night, leaving Mary Ann Kate and Mr. and Mrs. Stearns as the final three.

The castaways spend their final morning on the island enjoying their last breakfast together while sharing their favorite memories from their time on the island. Though the three of them agree that they have grown to be quite close throughout the competition, they are each ready to bring their A-games, reach the finish line, and earn themselves the grand prize.

Scott arrives at camp later in the morning and gathers Mary Ann Kate and the Stearns at the campfire, and informs them of their final challenge.

In order to win the rescue challenge, each castaway must win the attention of a helicopter flying above the island. To do this, they will be given a map that leads them through the jungle to a pile of huge planks, which they will use to construct large "S.O.S." sign. After this has been completed, they will search for a shovel which they will use to dig for their second map. This second map will lead the castaways to a riddle (which reads, "the path to a quarter of a million bucks begins with a single dollar"), which, once solved, will lead them to another location where they will dig for a treasure chest containing a torch and a third map. The third and final map leads the castaways to Voodoo Village, where they will light their torches, and then to the beach. The castaways will then swim to a large raft where they will light two safety flares. These flares will signal the helicopter, which will fly down to them and carry them off of the island.
Each of the final contestants race in this tough, very grueling challenge. Mrs. Stearns begins with the hugest lead over her husband and Mary Ann, being the first to find the planks and build her "S.O.S" sign, while Mary Ann Kate suffers a huge loss of time getting lost in the jungle. However, the tide changes when Mr. Stearns bolts ahead of Mrs. Stearns at the trivia challenge, and is the first to find his torch and head to Voodoo Village. Mrs. Stearns comes in a close second, while Mary Ann Kate still struggles to catch up. Mr. Stearns lights his torch at Voodoo Village and races the ocean, only to look back and find his wife close behind. The husband and wife duo battle it out to swim to the raft, while Mary Ann Kate pushes through to Voodoo Village to finally light her torch and head to the beach. However, once there, she sees in the distance that Mr. Stearns has beaten his wife to the raft and is the first to light his safety flairs, making him the winner of the competition.
Mary Ann collapses on the beach while Mrs. Stearns, exhausted, swims back to shore. The helicopter, seeing Mr. Stearns, flies down and picks him up to fly him away from the island.

Once back home, millionaire husband Mr. Stearns, the grand prize winner, is greeted by his reward: the 2005 Ford Mustang and the $250, 000 cash prize. He immediately jumps in and drives off, leaving the island life behind.
Genre(s): Reality
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