The Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Set 2-Vol. 1 Trailer

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The Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Set 2-Vol. 1

Description: Welcome to The Ruth Rendell Mysteries guide at The guide takes in over thirty hours of crime drama productions, based on the novels and short stories of Ruth Rendell. In most of these, veteran actor George Baker plays Chief Inspector Reg Wexford of Kingsmarkham (a fictional town in the real English county of Hampshire), with Christopher Ravenscroft as his partner-in-detection, Inspector Mike Burden. Wexford's wife Dora is played by Louie Ramsay. She had known George Baker for many years, but they became close while working on the series and married in real life. The Inspector Wexford stories were filmed on location in and around Romsey, Hampshire, and most were broadcast under The Ruth Rendell Mysteries banner. In 1992, having exhausted the supply of Wexford stories, Meridian started adapting other Rendell mysteries, thus belatedly justifying the use of the confusing umbrella title for the show. The final episode was broadcast under the Inspector Wexford banner, and this is the title used for DVD releases and repeat broadcasts of the Wexford stories on the ITV network.