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  1. Sep 30, 2014
    Giving justice for Miyazaki was not an intricate dilemma for the film, The Wind Rises, to execute. It was a heartbreaking, soulful, well-delivered and tear-cracking way for the great animated film maestro to end his career. Full Review »
  2. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. From the very beginning, I was emotionally invested and throughout the film I am kept invested with no instances of dissatisfaction or tedium. The movie started and before I knew it, the movie had finished. There are no moments that really slow down the plot, every scene is there for a purpose.

    James Franco did a great job to humanize Caesar, making me feel sorry and sympathetic to the apes. This sympathy let me know that it was okay to side with the apes, even if they were against my own species. Freida Pinto played the role of Franco's wife, but more importantly as his mentor. She warns him about the way he is raising Caesar saying "You're trying to control things that aren't meant to be controlled," "Some things aren't meant to be changed -- you have to accept that!"

    Despite all the good performances, the star of this movie is undoubtedly Caesar. I met him when he was a baby and got to know him more as he grew up under human teachings. It is both interesting and satisfying to see him explore this world that apes are unfamiliar with. When he meets other humans who are not as nice and accepting as Will is, his perspective on everything changes. He becomes much darker, letting go of his human ties and embracing his own kind. With much determination he leads all the apes to freedom. What's so great about Caesar is that he has lived with both the humans and apes. He loves Will, but he also knows that he belongs with his own family, and so he fights for them.

    Their revolution was never intended to kill off the human race and take over the world; it was to send a message. They wanted to stand up for themselves and show the humans that they are more than just a pet or display. This movie has a masterful story, a beautifully written protagonist, great CGI, a powerful soundtrack and the ability to keep you coming back over and over again.
    Full Review »
  3. Sep 30, 2014
    Another jewish religion for the shiksas, well done.................................................................................................................... Full Review »
  4. Dear god. Why would anyone even bother to watch a film withthe people from Jersey Shore. This must be a lame attempt to draw attention back to the lame show........ Full Review »
  5. 8
    Pitch Perfect definitely accomplishes a comedic feel, while also incorporating a typical romance throughout the movie as a whole. In addition to comedy and romance, Pitch Perfect has a musical feel. I am not particularly interested in watching musicals, however; once I saw this movie, I was hooked. I kid you not; I have seen this move over fifteen times. Anna Kendrick plays an amazing role and truly captures her audience. She maintains the mysterious feel throughout and never lets the viewer know exactly how she feels. I was extremely impressed by Pitch Perfect and would recommend it to any one of any age. It captivates young viewers as well as old due to its modern feel on musicals and comedic pleasures. If I could put it in simple terms, Pitch Perfect is the definition of why we see movies. It keeps us interested the whole time, provides comedic relief, and engages us with a built in love story. Full Review »